Monday, September 1, 2014

September ~ Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

During the month of September we would like to honor one of our favorite little people.  Richard Culliver was a brave young man who battled brain cancer with a love of life and enthusiasm seldom seen.  He passed from this world last month and in memory and honor of him, the Binky Patrol (SC) will send all of our blankies (with the exception of Preemies) to Palmetto Children's Hospital for the month of September.  This is Richard pictured here with his best friend Smitty and one of the tied fleece blankets make by one of our wonderful volunteers.

If you would like to help with this project, please email us at  These blankets can be any size larger than 24 X 24 and can be knitted, crocheted, sewn or tied fleece.  Anything goes as long as they are safe.  The simple two sided blankets sewn together pillow case style are also excellent.  Pillow cases are another excellent project for the hospital and can really brighten a child's room.

Also - a reminder that Fall is around the corner and then winter.  Please consider sending in items to help local shelters keep the kids warm - together we can make a difference.

As always, we are so very grateful to all of the wonderful volunteers who keep us going.  Without you, there would be no Binky Patrol SC and each and every item donated makes a difference in a child's life.  We love you for all you do!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Midlands Baby, Kids & Family Espo 2014

We have been invited to participate!  We hope to see you there!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

May is Mental Health Month....What can WE Do????

Most of us don't like to think about mental illness and the fact that it effects children in many ways.  Children of mental health patients as well as kids who suffer from a mental illness themselves are in great need.  This month we want to bring more attention to these issues and ask everyone to think of something each of us can do to make a difference.  A small ripple in a good direction can make huge passages and make a difference to a child in need.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Support mental health groups locally such as NAMI ~ National Alliance on Mental Illness.
  • Remind others to help spread awareness on social media
  • Consider making a donation of a blankets or other items to the Binky Patrol earmarked for a shelter - many children are there because of a parent's mental illness.
  • Contact us to find out ways you can become involved - you don't need to be able to sew or craft.  There are may ways to help and make a difference.  Lots of hands are needed to make what we do possible.
  • Look into wish lists for area mental health assistance programs for children.  One excellent local non-profit doing remarkable things for children is the Dickerson Center in West Columbia.  There are many more out there.  Google for more information on those closest to you.  
There is much we can do and we can all make a difference.  Email us if you want to get involved -  We can do it without your help.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March ~ Time for Thoughs of Spring...

Our crazy winter is finally creeping to a close and we have been pretty busy for the first couple of months of 2014!  This one will definitely go down in history.

We are now getting ready for Spring and just because it gets warmer here in SC, it doesn't mean we don't need blankets, hats and more!  There is always a need - all year round!

Our Headstart Project is in full swing and the first batch of blankets will be delivered this week.  Thank you so very much to Kim and Taylor Rae for completing these.  This video shows the wonderful work they did. This box will go to Maddie's class - her Mom Jule contacted us and got this project started.  We are so proud and excited to be a part of this and we hope to get them all completed and delivered before school gets out this year.  You may have noticed the sweet little scarves that were included - Kim made these from the leftover pieces of fabric - Awesome!  These will be dropped off at Transitions this week too.  More pictures to come as we progress! 

We received a wonderful box packed full of sweet soft blankets and colorful hats from Kathie and Katie.  They are just so adorable and will be going out to Daybreak Pregnancy Crisis Center here in Columbia this week.  We are working on pictures of these as well.

A bag full of preemie fleece blankets was left for us last month also and we are so very thankful for these!  They will be sent to Palmetto Health Richland NICU as soon as we can get them delivered.

Please let us know if you would like to get involved in all the fun.  It is really so rewarding and there are many ways to help.  You don't have to know how to sew, knit or crochet - we have other things that you can do.  Just email us at  We would love to hear from you!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February is Here Again.....

Time sure flies when you are having fun and we definitely do at BPSC!!  Last year was a good one for us and we received so many wonderful donations.  We have also been fortunate enough to gain a sister chapter in the lower part of the state.  Please check out their info below - Melinda King is the Coordinator.  We are so very thankful to have them aboard and we can sure use more hands in SC!!

For the next few months we will be concentrating on a new project and we could sure use more hands to meet our goals.  We will be providing blankets to the Head Start program here in Columbia.  There are approximately 140 children in this center and we would like to send enough for one class at a time until all of the classes have received a blanket.  Each class includes about 20 children.

Now - to make these blankets as similar as possible, we are going to ask that they be fabric and sewn.  Normally we don't make specific requests but in this case we believe it is the best so that the children will all have the same basic blanket.  We would like for them to be one yard, two layers with no batting and be sewn together in pillow case fashion.  They can be tied or quilted/sewn to keep the layers in place.  If you are interested, please email us at  We are very excited about this project and hope you will be too.  I will send more detailed instructions to anyone who would like them.  I will also post pictures as the blankets arrive.  Please think about helping with this project - these are very quick to make and will be greatly appreciated.

Today was a big delivery day for us.  Greg delivered to Palmetto Richland NICU, Daybreak Pregnancy Crisis Center and Transitions in Columbia.  Below are a couple of pics of some of the items.  Thank you so very much to all who helped to make this possible!!  We so appreciate you all.

There is lots to do - let us know if you are interested.  You don't have to be able to sew, knit or crochet to get involved!!

Columbia/West Columbia/Midlands Area:  
Greg & Lynne Lee - Area Coordinators

Horry County/North Charleston Area
Melinda King



Friday, November 1, 2013

The Month for Thanksgiving.....

November is typically the month we all begin to think about what we are thankful for!  The BPSC is always so very thankful for all of you who keep us going.  We so appreciate all that you do and we would not be able to carry on without you!

We have delivered almost 100 items this year to NICU's, individuals and shelters as well as children's homes.  With cooler months ahead, our needs will grow and we hope to keep up with them.  Watch our progress on www.BPSC.CO where we have links to our Flickr, FaceBook and more.  We also try to post pics of each items we receive.

Send us an email if you would like to be involved.  There are many different ways to help and even if you can't sew, crochet or knit, there is still much that you can do.  We are always in need of help delivering and it can only take a few minutes to make a big difference.  We hope to hear from you at!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spring is Around the Corner Again....

It is that time of year again when flowers start to peek out in bloom and the trees finally start getting their leaves least here in the South.  Many think this time of year signals a time when we don't need blankets as much as in the winter....not true!  We have a need for blankets all year long and most especially for the youngest that we serve - babies.

There are also needs for children who are ill and hospitalized.  A blanket is a warm reminder that others care about what they are going through and something that is their own.  Many times a blanket can make the difference with a frightened child who is experiencing a trauma in his or her life - these come in every season and time of year.

One of our favorite projects are the preemies.  One of the NICU Nurse Manager's at one of the hospitals we service tells us that having small blankets on hand for the parents to pick out for their preemie, gives them a little bit of control in what is a very out of control situation and very stressful.  Something as small as 20 X 20 can make a huge difference for these parents and also becomes a keepsake for the family and the baby.  Small soft hats are also a wonderful thing to have on hand because even the smallest usually get a hat.  These can be 4-5 inches wide and 4-5 inches long made from any soft stretchy yarn or fabric such as fleece.

This past year was a really good one for our chapter and we are so proud of the efforts of all of our volunteers.  We were able to get out over 100 preemie blankets to the NICU's, quilts and blankets to both New Jersey and New York in the aftermath of Sandy, items to Ronald McDonald House as well as Palmetto Richland Children's Hospital, Dickerson Children's Center, Daybreak Pregnancy Crisis Center and so much more.  Join in and help us - there is much to do and we can always use more hands in our efforts.  Even if you are not crafty, there are many ways to help!  Email us at or visit our web site at www.BPSC.CO.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Small Steps......

I so love this graphic provided by Peek-A-Boo ICU.  It really brings home the reality of preemies.  2012 was a very busy year for us here at the Binky Patrol SC and preemies were a huge part of our goal for the year.

While we do many things for kids and young adults of all ages, preemies remain close to our hearts.  Our Quilter Angel, Anita Black, made sure we had them covered during the Christmas season with her annual Christmas Preemie Quilt Drive.  We delivered over 100 preemie quilts here in Columbia to Palmetto Health Richland and Palmetto Health Baptist.  Anita delivered about 60 to Presbyterian Hemby Children's HospitalWe are so very excited to be able to provide items for local NICU's and we hope to continue these deliveries throughout the year - so exciting!!

We also made deliveries to the Dickerson Center in West Columbia, Families Helping Families and we were able to send out bags of binkies to both New Jersey and New York for Hurricane Sandy Victims.  We hope to send another batch to them soon.

We have been following a sweet young man, Richard, who is battling an inoperable brain stem tumor.  His Mom and twin sister along with older brother have touched our hearts and we keep them close in thoughts and prayers.  Please stop by and say hello to them and keep them in your hearts.  You can follow Richard at Richard's Journey on FaceBook.

For 2013, we have many projects lined up and we can use all of the help we can muster.  We are working on boys items for the Boys Home of the South, scarves and hats for Transitions here in Columbia, preemie hats for the NICUs and so much more.  Please email us if you would like to get involved.  There is much to do!  Our email is and we would love to hear from you.  Help us help kids in need!  Our small steps to help can make a huge difference in a child's life.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Whew - Time is Flying.....

Mary Englebreit
As we work on winding up 2012, I can't believe how fast this year has flown by!  So many things going on and we are just trying to keep up.  We are trying hard to get everything we have available out to those whose needs are the greatest.  No easy feat!

Hurricane Sandy has thrown some extra challenges at us but we are pulling together to provide blankets and more to New York and New Jersey.  Our Quilter Anita has headed up this project and as always she is busy making it happen.  We have found a couple of ways to get our blankets to those who are in need in those areas.  If you know of other needs for the victims of this disaster, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye and Anita has out done herself this year on the challenge to get as many preemie blankets out to the NICU's in SC and in the Charlotte area.  If all goes well, we should exceed our goals and have some to spare.  This is one of our favorite projects and so close to our hearts.  Can't wait to start sending them out to the NICU's!!

We have been very fortunate this year to receive so many wonderful donations of materials, blankets and quilts, as well as hats and booties and even a few sweaters.  If you have been a part of this, please know that we appreciate you more than you will ever know.  If you are looking for a project, just email us and we will get you started.  Don't forget we can provide receipts, community service forms and documentation and we can help your scouts earn badges - not to mention the joy of providing something for a child in need. 

As we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, we are so very thankful for each and every one of you who make the Binky Patrol South Carolina possible.  We wish you much joy and happiness during this Holiday Season!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall is Here......

Fall is rounding the bend and I for one am very happy to see it!!  We have very hot summers here in South Carolina and many of us dream of the cooler temps and less humidity.  But along with the joys of the season comes the need for more blankets, hats, booties and more.  Our winters are typically mild here but little ones always need to be warm and secure. 

We have had some exciting happenings in the past few weeks.  We had another young person work with us on a community service project and that is always exciting.  We received another box from Louisa and her friends in Italy.  As always the quilt tops and orphan squares are just beautiful!!  Many of them are the perfect size to be used for our Preemie Quilt Drive.  We also had a delivery of materials from Sara and it included so many gorgeous fabrics, yarn and many special things we rarely receive like ric rack.  We can put all of these to good very good use!!

Anita and her quilters are buzzing away with the Preemie Quilts and I believe we will exceed our wildest dreams this winter.  It is so exciting to see the pictures of all of the sweet little creations as her groups puts them together.  How wonderfully dressed the NICU's will be this Holiday Season and Christmas!!

Another exciting development is that we have found a wonderful lady - actually someone I went to high school with, who adopts a group of Army men and women.  They will be returning to Afghanistan this November and we will be sending blankets to help this project.  We are so honored to help Cherry and her husband assist these young people and hopefully ease their burden just a little.

Stay tuned - we are very busy and things are coming and going.  More pictures will be posted soon - be sure to watch the Flickr feed on our blog.  As always, if you would like to get involved and help, please do email us at or visit our site at BPSC.CO.  There is always lots to do and we can use every pair of hands we can get!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Arf Arf...Who Let the Dogs Out.....

Squee - the most wonderful surprise was waiting for us a couple of weeks ago! A box from Tracy filled with a beautiful assortment of yarn and some of the cutest little doggies and other animals you ever saw!!  They are so cute words cannot express so here is a pic.  These are just perfect for the Boys Home of the South!  It is so hard to find things that are appropriate for young boys but these dogs really hit it out of the park.  What boy wouldn't want to share secrets with these guys and have a friend to talk to in the darkness of night.  I know they will be loved and cherished!  I can't wait to get them shipped off.

The yarn was so welcomed also - we are working hard on hats and sweaters for the fall and winter ahead.  This box along with a wonderful shipment from our very own Quilter, Anita, will get us moving on the right track.  We can't thank you both enough!!

We are still working to get pictures of all of our beautiful items received so far this year.  Keep checking our Flickr to the left and the Facebook page.  We are so very thankful for each and every item we receive!!  It is through your generosity and thoughtfulness that the BPSC's work is made possible!

Stay cool and enjoy your Summer and ......dream of the beautiful fall to come!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Anita and the Quilters are Back!!!

Anita Black ~ Quilter

Not that they ever went anywhere - they have been quietly working away in the background all along!  They are back to work on the Preemie Christmas Project and we are beyond excited!!!  We hope to get packages out to all of the local NICU's as well as a box to Charlotte.  These hospitals are very busy and get so many preemies in and the NICU is a scary place to be, even more so at the holidays.  The tiny little quilts warm and decorate the isolette.  The nurses love receiving them and they then become a gift for the family and a cherished memory for the family and the baby.

Preemie Projects are one of our very favorites at the Binky Patrol SC.  Both North and South Carolina have high rates of premature births and our local hospitals work very hard to make this transitional time a strong beginning for the families involved.  Unfortunately many of these families are financially stressed as well and the gift of a handmade quilt is so appreciated. 

Last year in 2011 we were able to send our more than 100 Preemie Quilts to the Neonatal Intensive Care Units here in South Carolina and one in Charlotte, NC.  We put this little notice out:  The Binky Patrol SC need help with preemie quilts - little tiny quilts sized 20 X 20 to send home with preemies that spend their first days and weeks, sometimes months, in the NICU ~ the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  For any family that experiences this, they don't soon forget the trauma and worry and you are forever filled with gratitude when you are able to take that wonderful little bundle home with you.  Well little did we know that our Number One Quilter, Anita, would take this in hand for us and make it happen.

This year Anita is getting her group going early so that she can ensure that the needs will be filled in time for the holidays.  If you are a quilter, or know of someone who is, please let them know about this group.  It is open for anyone to join.  These little quilts can be very easy and made in a pillow case style for those who don't want to piece or can't.  Being involved is more rewarding than you can imagine!  For more information visit Anita's FaceBook page here!  Email us at if you need more info and I can put you in contact with Anita.  If you would rather donate supplies to help with this project, we can let you know how to send them to her as well.

Thank you so much Anita for tackling this wonderful effort again this year.  We will never be able to thank you enough!!  You are our shinning star!!

Follow our progress on Anita's page as well as the BPSC FaceBook page located here!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Wow - Summer is Here Already!!!

I just don't know where this year has gone.  It has wings and it's flying.  We are working hard right now to inventory all of our finished items so that we can get them matched up to recipients before the summer is over and to head off cooler weather.  We are so fortunate to have items to inventory and so thankful for all of the wonderful things we have received.  If you have been a part of that, please know that we greatly appreciate every single item that we receive!!  We try to get packages posted on Facebook within a day after they arrive but if we have missed something you have sent in, please do call our attention to it right away.  During our inventory process, we will work to get pictures up of everything we have on hand - even if it has been pictured before.  We love to show off the beautiful things we receive and we hope to inspire everyone at the same time.

Even though the weather is very warm outside right now, there are still many needs for shelters, NICU's, orphanages, etc.  The needs never stop and we are always so thankful to get anything you would like to send us. 

We are working on something new - The Pink Project - and we will be sending NICU Smocks for Preemies to local hospitals.  We have a very simple pattern provided to us by The Pink Project and we can send it to anyone who would like to be involved.  Their goal is to provide a new gown to every preemie who leaves the NICU as a gift.   Read more about this group here.  If you don't enjoy sewing, we can use all sorts of supplies to make these and they are listed on the link.  So excited to be a part of this project!!

We want to also congratulate Binky Patrol National on their 16th Anniversary!!  Congratulations Susan and we are so glad it all began 16 years ago!!  BPSC is now a big two years old and growing strong!!  Thank you all who have made it possible.  Keep a watch on our blog as we stay busy this summer!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March Madness is Coming.....

March Madness - and no I'm not talking basketball.  We are buzzing around here trying to get caught up and ready for spring.  It seems this year is flying by faster than normal. We have been blessed with an embarrassment of riches so far!  In the last two months we have received some beautiful quilts, many crochet and knit items as well as two gorgeous quilt tops from a Binky Patrol friend in Italy.  We also have some wonderful fabrics and yarns in our stash and we are dreaming of what we will create in the coming months.  How exciting.  Now we are working very hard to get these all out to recipients for Spring.

We want to send a special thanks to the ladies at Palmeto GBA ~ they sent over two large bags of goodies that are just awesome.  Included are two large soft blankets along with beautiful crocheted hats and blankets, an adorable dress and booties.  We so appreciate this donation and the bulk of it will be going to our newest recipient, The Family Shelter, here in Columbia.  This shelter is rare in that they take in families.  Most shelters are set up for either women or men and families must be separated.  We are so very happy to add this shelter to our list of recipients!!  Thank you so much Palmetto GBA for getting this donation going for us!!  We so appreciate you!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

We are Thinking BLUE for February.....

We are thinking BLUE for February!  For some reason most groups receive 2 or 3 times the amount of girl items as boys.  I know it can be so much fun making the cute frilly pink things.  I especially like crocheting dresses myself.  But the boys need just as much as the girlies.  We are having a Boy Drive in the month of February to do our best to collect more blankets, hats, booties, clothing and more for our boys! 

If you need ideas or patterns, let us know - we have lots.  Blues and greens are great boy colors and there are lots of variegated boy colored yarns out there.  I am always drawn to them - I guess because I have 4 boys.  It seems there are more boy patterns in fabrics these days as well.  Jump in and help if you can - even just one little blue hat or booties would be so helpful.  Email us at or visit our web site at

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ringing in the New Year.....

January is such a great time to start planning and dreaming of what we can accomplish in the New Year!  Winter is also the time when needs are the most pressing - especially for those who are homeless or those who are not able to keep their homes heated well.
 We are working on year end reports so that we can let you all know how we did last year.  I do know that we almost doubled our 2010 contributions - that is pretty exciting.  We are nearing our 2nd anniversary as a chapter and that is so exciting as well!

In the new year we will be working to find local girl scout troops who would like to earn a badge for their assistance.  What a great way to teach young girls to give back and be a part of this wonderful organization.  Susan (our founder) has made available a beautiful patch the girls can earn by participating.  Please contact us if you would like to get involved in this new project.  This is the 100th Anniversary for Girl Scouts of America - what better time for them to be involved in BPSC.   The patch is on the right and we are so very proud of this.  Keep watching and jump in when you can - we always need more hands.  Email us at

Monday, December 19, 2011

This is Why.....

Many times I forget why we do what we do and while there are many reasons, the one that always comes back to me is it's about the Babies!  We do things for all ages of children even into young adulthood, but it always begins with the babies.

Babies are our future, they are the continuation of life and they give us hope in all things.  They are innocent and totally dependent and helpless - without love and care they cannot survive.

I stumbled onto this story today through another blog that I frequent and it just broke my heart.  Little Afton Jean was born on November 22, 2011 and lived a very short seven days.  But in that short time she made a difference in many lives and continues to do so.  This story may be disturbing and upsetting for many, but in reading about this sweet little miracle we see a glimpse of a small sweet soul who makes us want to hug our babies and children a little tighter each day. 

So---if each of us who has been fortunate enough to have a healthy child in our lives would make a point to reach out and help those who have struggled we could make a difference.  Many babies born too soon don't have a warm hat or blanket or in the event of the worst, a burial outfit.  Take a minute to make a difference.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Anita and the Quilters.....

I believe most of us know someone or know of someone who quilts - they make magic with fabric and thread and thereby create love in a blanket.  A couple of years ago, I was so very fortunate to meet a quilter extraordinaire  - I say this because her quilts are so filled with love that they speak to you - truly!

This year we put out a notice to our little group, The Binky Patrol SC, for preemie quilts - little tiny quilts sized 20 X 20 to send home with preemies that spend their first days and weeks, sometimes months, in the NICU ~ the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  For any family that experiences this, they don't soon forget the trauma and worry and you are forever filled with gratitude when you are able to take that wonderful little bundle home with you.

Well Anita took the request to heart and we just finished taking pictures of a whopping 86 Preemie Quilts!!!  Our group has never been able to send out quilts to the local NICU's - we have never had enough.  All of our items for the smallest babies have normally been sent out of state to be lumped with others to make enough for other state's NICUs.  This year we will be supplying these little treasures to the following hospitals - shipping out on Monday:  Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte; Palmetto Richland Memorial Hospital; Palmetto Baptist Hospital; Lexington Medical Center and the Medical University of SC in Charleston.  SO EXCITING!!!  Anita and her quilters made this possible and we are so very grateful!!!  Anita is truly the most selfless and thoughtful person I have had the pleasure to know and I am so very thankful that she found our group and continues to be a part of it!

Check out the beautiful work of this group on Flickr at  or look to the right of this blog at the Flickr Badge and you can watch them flow through.  What a wonderful blessing for the BPSC and all of the NICUs that will be served!  Thank you Anita and friends!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.....

It's that time of year again when our minds run to ideas for gifts, goodies, baking and more.  What a wonderful time it is for most of us!  We have so much to enjoy and be thankful for.  Even if you don't have lots of money, if you have a warm clean place to live and food on your table and close family and friends to enjoy it with, you are rich beyond measure.

For many this time of year is not so joyful and it becomes a reminder of just how bad things are.  This is where we come in - it only takes a short amount of time to make a hat or scarf, donate an old coat, go through your children's outgrown clothing and donate what they no longer use.  Most of us have tight budgets right now, but it does not have to be expensive to help out.  So much can be done just by recycling what you have.  Did you know that clean t-shirts in good condition can be made into many wonderful things -- from quilts to knit scarves and so much more.  Most every part of the shirts can be put to good use.  Clean out your old yarn or fabric - so much can be done with these items that may just be taking up space.

Take a minute and think about what you and your family can do to help and give back a little.  It is a wonderful thing to teach young children.  Email us at and we can help you come up with ideas and supplies - there is much to do and it takes lots of hands!  You will be so glad you took the time to help.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Clean Sheets ......Ah........

I don't know why but I have always absolutely loved clean sheets!  No matter how tired I am or what else I have to do, I will do all that I can to muster up the energy to put a clean set of sheets on our bed at the end of each week.  Only thing better is a hot bath, clean jammies along with the clean sheets.  Now that is such a simple pleasure......but is it?

Many children will go to bed tonight some place cold and dirty, with no one to read a bedtime story, no clean jammies and surely no hot bath.  All over this country, many right here in our own state, are homeless and they sleep in cars, travel from shelter to shelter, live in tents, live in poorly heated homes or ones with no heat.  They can't remember or have never known what a sweet pleasure it is to have a clean bed to climb into after a long day.  Homeless children come in all sizes, shapes and colors and from all sorts of backgrounds.  Especially in the time we are now living in, this has become part of our culture.  So much so that we expect it and we all tend to overlook the homeless and move on with our lives.

This holiday season this will be our focus.  We are working on personal care bags for shelters as well as toys and items for gifts and as always we need blankets, pillow cases, hats and more.  Please consider getting involved - if not with our group, then find one you feel comfortable with and chip in.  As I have mentioned many times, the gain is so much more than what you give.  It is priceless and if you have a clean warm place to sleep consider yourself very fortunate and help someone else who may us at