Friday, May 20, 2011

Still Pluggin Along......

Even though the warmer weather has arrived - especially here in the southern states, we are still working hard on binkies and more.  There is always a need for the many items that we collect - year round and children in need have no season.  For many kids, a blanket is so much more than warmth - it is a possession that gives them peace and security and allows them to feel love - even when they are sick or hurt and in need.  Lovies are also necessary items for survival and a friend when a child is lonely and afraid.

We also have many areas in crisis right now due to recent weather events and many of the children in these areas have nothing left from their homes.  A lovie or soft blanket can go a long way in giving them back a little bit of love and security.  We also collect baby items - there are always babies in need and mothers who can't provide everything they need to.  June is our Virtual Baby Shower month and we will be collecting baby items to send to moms-to-be in need to help them give their new babies a great start in life.

Please check out our calendar on our site at and keep up with opportunities to get involved.  You can also email us at  and let us know you would like to be on our email list.  We also have a new shorter link to our site -  This is a quick way to pass on our link and will get you to the same place as the longer link.  Visit often and find out what we are doing - we make comforting covers and more for kids in need ~ it's just that simple!  Remember --- items can be dropped off at the Creative Sewing Machine Center in West Columbia - don't miss a chance to visit this wonderland!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

In Tee Shirt Heaven......

Ok - this is just one picture of the t-shirts we received last week from Ingersoll Rand!  Just leave it to say they are in abundance.  Our job now is to turn these beauties in useful quilts and it seems that I can't think about anything else.  I am jazzzed to say the least and I know wonderful things are going to come from this stash.  We will post pictures as we go and let you know what we are doing.  Beth Holland with Ingersoll Rand thought of this idea and then contacted us about making the quilts.  We have a video posted here on the blog left side which is a commercial she created about collecting the shirts.  I also received an email from her on Friday and she has more on the way.  Unbelievable - to think that so many would get on board to help with this project.  We are also working on ideas to use up every square of fabric from the shirts for bags for the homeless, stuffing for toys and more.  Stay tuned as we work on this.

I know this is exciting because my hubby Greg - who normally does all the management stuff and running, delivering, picking up, post office, etc., actually is so interested in this project that he researched ways of cutting the shirts and actually went INSIDE the Joann's with me to talk to them about rotary cutters.  Believe me when I say this never happens......and he is really getting involved with every aspect.  So much fun!!!

So - if tees are your thing, let us know if you would like to help - we will send you a package and all you will need to do is sew together and return to us.  If you use any materials of your own, we can send you a tax deductible receipt.  Say something with your time and tees - there will be many warm and comforted kids and more from this project!  Thank you so much Beth!!!  This is what we aim to come up with on the right - or something close and lots of them.  :o) Join us if you can - email us at