Monday, December 19, 2011

This is Why.....

Many times I forget why we do what we do and while there are many reasons, the one that always comes back to me is it's about the Babies!  We do things for all ages of children even into young adulthood, but it always begins with the babies.

Babies are our future, they are the continuation of life and they give us hope in all things.  They are innocent and totally dependent and helpless - without love and care they cannot survive.

I stumbled onto this story today through another blog that I frequent and it just broke my heart.  Little Afton Jean was born on November 22, 2011 and lived a very short seven days.  But in that short time she made a difference in many lives and continues to do so.  This story may be disturbing and upsetting for many, but in reading about this sweet little miracle we see a glimpse of a small sweet soul who makes us want to hug our babies and children a little tighter each day. 

So---if each of us who has been fortunate enough to have a healthy child in our lives would make a point to reach out and help those who have struggled we could make a difference.  Many babies born too soon don't have a warm hat or blanket or in the event of the worst, a burial outfit.  Take a minute to make a difference.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Anita and the Quilters.....

I believe most of us know someone or know of someone who quilts - they make magic with fabric and thread and thereby create love in a blanket.  A couple of years ago, I was so very fortunate to meet a quilter extraordinaire  - I say this because her quilts are so filled with love that they speak to you - truly!

This year we put out a notice to our little group, The Binky Patrol SC, for preemie quilts - little tiny quilts sized 20 X 20 to send home with preemies that spend their first days and weeks, sometimes months, in the NICU ~ the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  For any family that experiences this, they don't soon forget the trauma and worry and you are forever filled with gratitude when you are able to take that wonderful little bundle home with you.

Well Anita took the request to heart and we just finished taking pictures of a whopping 86 Preemie Quilts!!!  Our group has never been able to send out quilts to the local NICU's - we have never had enough.  All of our items for the smallest babies have normally been sent out of state to be lumped with others to make enough for other state's NICUs.  This year we will be supplying these little treasures to the following hospitals - shipping out on Monday:  Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte; Palmetto Richland Memorial Hospital; Palmetto Baptist Hospital; Lexington Medical Center and the Medical University of SC in Charleston.  SO EXCITING!!!  Anita and her quilters made this possible and we are so very grateful!!!  Anita is truly the most selfless and thoughtful person I have had the pleasure to know and I am so very thankful that she found our group and continues to be a part of it!

Check out the beautiful work of this group on Flickr at  or look to the right of this blog at the Flickr Badge and you can watch them flow through.  What a wonderful blessing for the BPSC and all of the NICUs that will be served!  Thank you Anita and friends!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.....

It's that time of year again when our minds run to ideas for gifts, goodies, baking and more.  What a wonderful time it is for most of us!  We have so much to enjoy and be thankful for.  Even if you don't have lots of money, if you have a warm clean place to live and food on your table and close family and friends to enjoy it with, you are rich beyond measure.

For many this time of year is not so joyful and it becomes a reminder of just how bad things are.  This is where we come in - it only takes a short amount of time to make a hat or scarf, donate an old coat, go through your children's outgrown clothing and donate what they no longer use.  Most of us have tight budgets right now, but it does not have to be expensive to help out.  So much can be done just by recycling what you have.  Did you know that clean t-shirts in good condition can be made into many wonderful things -- from quilts to knit scarves and so much more.  Most every part of the shirts can be put to good use.  Clean out your old yarn or fabric - so much can be done with these items that may just be taking up space.

Take a minute and think about what you and your family can do to help and give back a little.  It is a wonderful thing to teach young children.  Email us at and we can help you come up with ideas and supplies - there is much to do and it takes lots of hands!  You will be so glad you took the time to help.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Clean Sheets ......Ah........

I don't know why but I have always absolutely loved clean sheets!  No matter how tired I am or what else I have to do, I will do all that I can to muster up the energy to put a clean set of sheets on our bed at the end of each week.  Only thing better is a hot bath, clean jammies along with the clean sheets.  Now that is such a simple pleasure......but is it?

Many children will go to bed tonight some place cold and dirty, with no one to read a bedtime story, no clean jammies and surely no hot bath.  All over this country, many right here in our own state, are homeless and they sleep in cars, travel from shelter to shelter, live in tents, live in poorly heated homes or ones with no heat.  They can't remember or have never known what a sweet pleasure it is to have a clean bed to climb into after a long day.  Homeless children come in all sizes, shapes and colors and from all sorts of backgrounds.  Especially in the time we are now living in, this has become part of our culture.  So much so that we expect it and we all tend to overlook the homeless and move on with our lives.

This holiday season this will be our focus.  We are working on personal care bags for shelters as well as toys and items for gifts and as always we need blankets, pillow cases, hats and more.  Please consider getting involved - if not with our group, then find one you feel comfortable with and chip in.  As I have mentioned many times, the gain is so much more than what you give.  It is priceless and if you have a clean warm place to sleep consider yourself very fortunate and help someone else who may us at

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hats........We need Hats.......

If you are like me and have trouble with larger projects like blankets and quilts, then we have the project for you.  Many may not be aware, but we are always in need of hats!  Newborns and preemies use them year round and particularly this time of year we need them for all ages.  There are tons of patterns for knitting, crocheting, or sewing hats and we have lots of free use ones.  If you would like to have a free pattern, just let us know and what type you would like to try.  Email us at for more information. 

Also, please remember that we are not looking for perfection!  Anything you create will be greatly appreciated and believe me, we all make mistakes and that's okay - it just shows that your items are handmade with love and caring.  Here are some of the little pumpkin hats that I have been knitting for the preemies.  This pattern is lots of fun and easy but these are far from perfect.  They will keep a baby just as warm and will be appreciated just the same!! 

We are also in need of preemie size blankets for fall and Christmas.  The hospitals decorate the NICU's with these and it helps make it a little brighter for parents of a preemie.  The only requirements are that they be at least 20 X 20, soft and clean and they can be knit, crochet, sewn, quilted - any type is just fine.  Let us know if you need more information or are interested in helping out.  We need to have the Fall/Halloween blankets in by October 10th and Christmas ones by December 10th.

Of course, we are very happy to have any kind or type of blankets all through the year as we send them to groups who serve children from birth to young adult.  More information about the groups we provide to is located on our web site at - take a minute and visit and learn more about the Binky Patrol South Carolina!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall is in the Air.......

I just love Fall and this year I have been looking so forward to it.  It will be so nice to have crisp cool evenings, no humidity and the beautiful golden and red leaves that we enjoy here in South Carolina.  Unfortunately, soon after will follow the cold months of the winter and we will need to get busy preparing for the many shelters that will be filled to the brim as the homeless seek to find comfort and warmth during the cold months.  Many babies and children are included in these numbers and it takes a great effort to keep them warm and safe.

We are very fortunate that we have had many wonderful donations this year and we have donated more than 190 items so far in 2011.  This is almost double what we did all of 2010.  We hope to continue to grow and increase what we are able to put out into our community. 

We are also celebrating the birth of the twins that we took on as a project this year.  How exciting and wonderful - I have 4 boys myself but I have to admit that I have been in such awe of this family.  These two little distinctly different human beings have come into this world at the same time - so healthy and full of life and it is truly a miracle!!  They have 8 children between them, including the twins.  They are such a beautiful blended family!  We are still working on items for them because it is very costly to take care of multiples.

We have lots of projects for fall and winter so let us know if you would like to get involved.  We can always use another set of hands!  Email us at  or visit our site at!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

One of Our Favorite Projects......

While the Binky Patrol SC is all about helping children in need, we do on occasion, have the opportunity to provide items for a happy situation.  Our twin project has been just that and has brought so much more joy than we could possibly provide.  A few weeks ago, I was privileged to attend the baby shower for this young mother.  The couple has six (6) - yes I said 6 children between them and with the birth of the twins they will have 8!  Yep - I said 8 kids.  But --- they handle this with grace and joy and the family is a pleasure to spend time with.  I feel so thankful to have met them.  They are hard working people who take excellent care of their children and are very excited to welcome their two new boys.  They are already named and have been for some time - Caleb and Griffin - family names.  There are so many people who are anticipating this birth and these babies will be welcomed with much love and affection.  But - we all know the stress of multiple births, the work, the cost, and so much more.  So -- this is why we get involved where we can.  This is a joyous project and one we dearly love!

Helping with happy occasions such as this makes what we do all the more rewarding and brings us much more than what we offer.  If you would like to help, email us at or visit our web site at

Sunday, August 21, 2011

We are ready for Fall and Winter!!!

Karen Johnson Designs Donation
We were so fortunate to receive a fabulous fabric donation last week from Karen Johnson Designs here in Columbia!  This is just one picture of the wonderful colorful awesome fabrics donated by Karen.  She is a local sewing instructor and these beautiful pieces were from a fabric shop she used to own.  When I look at these I see blankets, applique, bibs, clothing, pillow cases and more!  This donation has given us just the boost we needed to start preparing for the winter ahead.  Karen - I can't thank you enough.  This colorful array of fabrics not only supplies us but it inspires us to create in every way possible.  Please watch our Flickr photo stream at and follow these donations as they "become" as in the Velveteen Rabbit - they will become favorite loved items by children all over our state and more!  Let us know if you want to get involved - email us at or visit our web site at

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wonderful Thank you......

Daybreak Crisis Pregnancy Center
We received the most wonderful Thank-you email from the Daybreak Crisis Pregnancy Center last week.  It is always wonderful to know that items we send are received and useful.  Daybreak is one of our newer recipients and we are so happy to be working with them to help them help young mothers-to-be in crisis.  This mission is very important to us as is everything we do.

Helping children in need is very simple and there is a program or group for every talent and desire.  A list of our recipient groups is located on our web page at as well as popular patterns and projects we work on.  But, if you have something that is a special talent or idea that you would like to provide, please do let us know.  We are always open to new ways to provide items for our kids.  Our ultimate goal is to help each other do the things we love to do and use those gifts to help babies and children in need.  We aren't worried about perfection - just creating from the heart.

If you would like to get involved or know of a need in our area, please contact us at

Thursday, July 14, 2011

We may be quiet......but we are still here.....

While I have been a little under the weather the last couple of months, our little group has continued to be very busy and we have received so many wonderful contributions!  I am so very thankful for each and everyone who takes the time to create, pack up and deliver the beautiful treasures we receive.  The best part of what we do is getting them out to those who need these caring gifts.  Our members are what keep this chapter afloat and we so appreciate all that you do!!

We have new pictures of most of what we have received during the last couple of months - still have a few more things to add.  Check them out when you get a minute - you will be impressed by the talents and generosity of those who support the BPSC!  Our photo album is located here:  So many ideas, colors and imagination that come together to make the children feel loved and special.

We will be sending out our first package to the Daybreak Crisis Pregnancy Center here in Columbia.  This is a wonderful organization to assist young women with unplanned pregnancy.  The items we send are used as incentives and care packages.  Thanks so much to Andrea for suggesting we contact this group.

We also finally have a good supply of boy blankets which will allow us to send a package to The Boys Home in SC.  This is very exciting and we can't wait to get them off in the mail.

The most important thing we can express here is there is no donation that is too small, one pair of socks, one new toothbrush, fabric, anything you feel would be useful, will be put to work.  There is no need for perfection - most of the items I create have mistakes but I know in my heart that the recipient will know the gift was made in love and just for them.  Email us at if you would like to join us in creating comfort for children in need.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Still Pluggin Along......

Even though the warmer weather has arrived - especially here in the southern states, we are still working hard on binkies and more.  There is always a need for the many items that we collect - year round and children in need have no season.  For many kids, a blanket is so much more than warmth - it is a possession that gives them peace and security and allows them to feel love - even when they are sick or hurt and in need.  Lovies are also necessary items for survival and a friend when a child is lonely and afraid.

We also have many areas in crisis right now due to recent weather events and many of the children in these areas have nothing left from their homes.  A lovie or soft blanket can go a long way in giving them back a little bit of love and security.  We also collect baby items - there are always babies in need and mothers who can't provide everything they need to.  June is our Virtual Baby Shower month and we will be collecting baby items to send to moms-to-be in need to help them give their new babies a great start in life.

Please check out our calendar on our site at and keep up with opportunities to get involved.  You can also email us at  and let us know you would like to be on our email list.  We also have a new shorter link to our site -  This is a quick way to pass on our link and will get you to the same place as the longer link.  Visit often and find out what we are doing - we make comforting covers and more for kids in need ~ it's just that simple!  Remember --- items can be dropped off at the Creative Sewing Machine Center in West Columbia - don't miss a chance to visit this wonderland!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

In Tee Shirt Heaven......

Ok - this is just one picture of the t-shirts we received last week from Ingersoll Rand!  Just leave it to say they are in abundance.  Our job now is to turn these beauties in useful quilts and it seems that I can't think about anything else.  I am jazzzed to say the least and I know wonderful things are going to come from this stash.  We will post pictures as we go and let you know what we are doing.  Beth Holland with Ingersoll Rand thought of this idea and then contacted us about making the quilts.  We have a video posted here on the blog left side which is a commercial she created about collecting the shirts.  I also received an email from her on Friday and she has more on the way.  Unbelievable - to think that so many would get on board to help with this project.  We are also working on ideas to use up every square of fabric from the shirts for bags for the homeless, stuffing for toys and more.  Stay tuned as we work on this.

I know this is exciting because my hubby Greg - who normally does all the management stuff and running, delivering, picking up, post office, etc., actually is so interested in this project that he researched ways of cutting the shirts and actually went INSIDE the Joann's with me to talk to them about rotary cutters.  Believe me when I say this never happens......and he is really getting involved with every aspect.  So much fun!!!

So - if tees are your thing, let us know if you would like to help - we will send you a package and all you will need to do is sew together and return to us.  If you use any materials of your own, we can send you a tax deductible receipt.  Say something with your time and tees - there will be many warm and comforted kids and more from this project!  Thank you so much Beth!!!  This is what we aim to come up with on the right - or something close and lots of them.  :o) Join us if you can - email us at

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We Have a Winner......and More.....

Teri Emerson ~ Mystery Quilt Contest Winner
Our Charity Mystery Quilt Contest ended on Friday and we have a winner!!  Teri Emerson's name was drawn from the entries received and she will be winning a $25 gift certificate from Creative Sewing Machine Center!  We are so excited to see what our Quilter Anita will create from the scraps and other fabrics received. Thank you so much to all who participated and we so appreciate and thank Creative Sewing Machine Center for providing the prize!  If you have not been there -  you are missing out on a wonderful experience!   I asked Teri to tell us a little about her self and this is what she said:

" I live in rural Yadkinville, NC. I am a retired homeschool mom, an artist and avid quilter.  I love anything crafts.  I know Anita through the StitchTalk community.  I love babies and believe that all life is a gift from God. "   

You can meet Teri on - it is a wonderful community for sewers and crafters!  As Anita works on the quilts she creates from the fabrics, she will post pictures and information on StitchTalk and when she is done, we will ask Teri to choose which of our groups will receive the finished quilts.  What a wonderful project - this was Anita's idea and her project and we so appreciate her - without her, we would not have the BPSC!  

Greg ~ my hubby and hard worker for BPSC, is attending the Ingersol Rand Conference Banquet tonight to accept the donated t-shirts.  These will be turned into t-shirt quilts and this will be a very exciting project.  Beth Holland and her team will then choose which of our recipient groups will receive these quilts.  We will track our progress on this project as well and post pictures and information as we go.  You can see the advertisement Beth put together for their t-shirt drive - what a wonderful idea!!

As you can see, we are very busy and we can always use more hands and binkies!  We have a knit and crochet project coming up ~ "Be Square - Build a Binky" and we will be collecting knit and crochet squares to create blankets.  We will put them together and all we need are the squares.  More info on this to come!
We have a Baby Shower on our calendar as well, which will benefit moms-to-be in need and anything that a baby needs will be gladly accepted.  This will take place in June.  You can check out our calendar on the web site at under the calendar tab.  Please contact us if you would be interested in participating in any of our events or if you just want to donate items or materials - we will find a use for whatever you have to give!  Email us at  Also, please let us know if you know of a group or individuals in need.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cookin With Gas.....

Or should I say Embroidering with my machine - finally.  I am so excited to have this added capability to embellish the binkies and make them even more special.  The possibilities are just endless and my mind is buzzing with ideas!  Now....I have to stop playing and get down to business - Binkies for Boys Business!

We received so many wonderful blankets this week and we are getting them ready to deliver to DSS/Foster Care on 4/1.  There are all types, sizes and shapes - so exciting!  I am working on pictures to post and believe me you will be inspired by these creations!!  Thank you so much Susan, Andrea, Anita, Nancy, and Diana for participating in this drive.  We still need more so don't stop now.  We always need boy blankets because we just don't receive as many suitable for them as we do for the girlies.

We also have a new group we will be providing items to - The Boys Home of the South.  Take a look at this wonderful facility - they are doing such wonderful things here.  The sweet thing is that their administrator, Lori Griswold - tells us they like to receive girl blankets as well, to be used as gifts for their sisters.  What a wonderful gesture.  Sooooo keep sending in those binkies - we need and love all sizes, types, shapes - they will be used and loved!

Please let us know if you have ideas, suggestions, or just want to join our little group - believe me you learn more and gain so much more than you give.  Email us at or visit our web site at

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Got Fabric........................

Spring is here and what a wonderful week - oh my the colors, textures and the dreams of what can be.  We received a large donation from one of our good friends at the Creative Sewing Machine Center , Sonya.  It was incredible and we are still going through the pieces!   Also included were beautiful bibs, sweet little baby pants and a wonderful little spring overall set with a bunny applique - all handmade.  I know these items will be so appreciated by Foster Care and God's Tiny Angels.  We will get new pictures loaded up to Flicker as soon as we can.

We have so many projects in the works and there is something for every type of crafter and every interest!  We have uploaded our calendar for 2011 which gives you a list of the events we are committed to for this year.  Check it out at  . don't have to be a crafter to help - there are many things to be done and there is something for anyone interested in helping!

One of the Binky Patrol chapters has a connection that will fly a supply of blankets into Japan and deliver them.  We will be shipping some to this chapter by mid May.  Let us know if you would like to send one.  Any type, any size will be fine.  They can be sent to us and we will ship to the chapter in one bundle.

If you haven't been to our web site lately, be sure to visit often.  We have added more information and listed more free patters under the pattern link.  Check back often to see what is new at  We also have more pictures loaded at Flickr at  As always - let us know if you have questions, need more information or just want to join in.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Is Your Fabric Speaking to You.......

Wow - this is just a sample of the items we have received in the past weeks.  Needless to say we are so thrilled and we are working to move them out as they come in.

Andrea and I were discussing how our stash of fabric and yarns can actually become so intertwined in our lives that they hold very strong memories and feelings.  As we have been going through my personal stash collected over the past 25+ years, I remember the purchase and the intended purpose of almost every piece.  As I came to the realization that I would never be able to complete all of the projects or use it all up, I found the most grand purpose of turning all of these colorful memories into lovies that will comfort and help a child in need.  I am not saying it has been easy - we all let go of things in different ways and for different reasons.  But, having said that, I can tell you that it has been extremely cathartic to see these glimmers of my past life turned into useful items and passed on.

The beautiful floral I purchasde for a dress to soothe myself after a miscarriage is now something most beautiful and useful, the scraps that were a part of my boys rooms are off to bigger and better things, the fabrics purchased for my youngest son - now 15 - are finally being made into Binkies for Boys.  If you have a stash of fabric, yarn, threads, etc, that are calling you to put them to use, think about donating them or creating something that will show love to a child who so needs something to hold and know that he or she is thought of, something to be with them when they are alone or away from their loved ones, sick or cold....think of giving your stash a higher purpose.  Believe me - it is a wonderful thing and it will free you in so many ways.  Give it a try - I highly recommend it!

We have many projects going on right now - jump in anywhere --- Binkies for Boys, Charity Mystery Quilt Contest, T-Shirt Quilt Project, and coming Be Square and Help Build a Binky.....something for everyone and every stash.  Email us at

Monday, March 14, 2011

Binkies for Boys.....

We work on lots of Binkies, for lots of reasons, and each and every one is beautiful in it's own unique way!  We have a big project ahead of us now and a deadline.  We need to create 19 binkies for boys and we need to try to have them completed by the end of March.  These will be donated to boys in Foster Care and they range in age from 2 months through 14 years.  This is a very important project for us, as they all are.  We have noticed that most of us, for whatever reason, seem to create things that are more on the girly side - maybe because we are girls and we are more naturally attracted to the pinks and flowers and frills.  But --- even before the challenge came to us, we had realized that we had to focus on more blankets for boys!  That means more plaids, more trucks and cars, more sports and just more blue.  Whatever boy means to you is just fine - what ever your definition of a little boy, a teen boy, a baby boy, or anything in between.  We want to show these young men that we care and we want to make something to make them feel special and loved as all Binkies are meant to.

If you are interested in helping with this project, please do contact us.  We can use finished blankets, fabric, thread, etc - anything needed to complete a blanket.  Just email us at  - we are hoping to hear from you!!  ;o)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Two Anniversary Celebrations.............

What a wonderful and exciting week!  The Binky Patrol SC has reached the one year milestone and we are so excited to celebrate.  Our sponsor, Creative Sewing Machine Center is also celebrating an anniversary - 10 years in business in West Columbia, SC.  As I have stated before, this is the go-to place for anyone who sews or would like to learn.  I just can't say enough about how exciting, creative and just plain good fun a visit to this store is!  The ladies who work there truly enjoy their work and they show it.  They take the time to provide something that you don't find in retail much any longer - true friendly personable customer service and guidance.  Believe me - I have tested it time and again - I am one of those customers who loves to look, asks lots of questions and wanders around touching and feeling everything.  I hang out way too long and walk the isles until my legs can't drag me along any longer and I never encounter sighs or those glances that say "just buy something already" - not even a little bit!  They are genuinely excited about what they do and it shows.

We spent the day today, Andrea and I, in this wonderland of fabric and patterns, dream machines and more ideas than you could cram into a week much less one visit.  I always leave this shop with a sense of awe and excitement about what is possible.....what I might be able to do.  I can touch and feel all of the things I spend hours looking at online and the atmosphere is contagious.  Peggy and the staff had a sweet basket of goodies for us, made in the hoop in their "Make it and Donate" class - they are the most wonderful little soft textural lovies for the babies in all shapes, colors and sizes.  We can't wait to send these off to God's Tiny Angels.

We also received two beautiful handmade quilts that are perfect for the Dickerson Center from our newest member Kristen when she stopped by for a visit.  Check her out at Etsy - she is a very talented quilter!  We are so excited to have her join us!!

It was a very exciting day and we made lots of new friends and we are fast spreading the word about the mission of the Binky Patrol South Carolina!  We are so hopeful - and so thankful to the Creative Sewing Machine Center for providing this opportunity!!  Pictures to come!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's National Craft Month.......

March is National Craft Month and we are hoping that many will think about crafting for a cause!  If you make something, consider making a second something and donate it.  There are tons of free charity/donation patterns online for just about every craft you can imagine and all they ask in order to use the patterns, is that you make one to donate.  Most charities will also provide a receipt for taxes so that you can deduct the cost of materials. 

This brings us back to the Binky Patrol SC and there are so many ways you can help - you don't need to be able to sew, knit or crochet.  We can always use simple items such as thread, batting, fabric, yarn, and more.  Our complete wish list is on our web site at as well as on this blog.  If you do craft, let us know if you need a pattern - we have patterns for sewing, knitting, crocheting, our Baby Binky Bunny and more. 

Think about creating something to donate - even if it is not for the Binky Patrol - choose a charity or cause you feel good about.   One of our sponsors, Creative Sewing Machine Center, has come up with a wonderful idea - "Make One ~ Donate One".  Believe me, you won't be sorry you did and don't be surprised if you get hooked - it is contagious!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Binkies In - Binkies Out....

We have been really busy getting binkies out the door this month!  This is the very best part of what we do - hands down, without a doubt.  Above are some of the beautiful binkies that we sent out this month and more.  Aren't they just gorgeous!!

We were very excited to meet Deanna Carnell with DSS/Foster Care.  She came by and picked up the items we donated and she was such a pleasure.  We are so happy to be working with them and concentrating on providing items for teens.  We can use all sorts of quilts and blankets for this project as well as small notebooks that we cover for journals.

We also received the schedule from Creative Sewing Machine Center for their upcoming anniversary celebration in March.  We will have a table set up there for the week of March 5th-12th and we will be there on the 8th (Tuesday, March 8, 2011) to discuss the BPSC and meet and greet.  We so appreciate being included in this event and the support we receive from the Creative Sewing Machine Center.  They have scheduled a Make It - Donate It on Monday and the items they create will be donated to the Binky Patrol SC.  Peggy has also offered to provide the prize for our Mystery Quilt Contest which will end on 3/11, coinciding with their anniversary week.  The winner will receive a $25. gift certificate for the Center.  Thank you so much to Peggy, Jennifer and the staff at Creative Sewing Machine Center - we look forward to working with them on future projects.  We hope to see you at the Center during the anniversary celebration!  You will love it there!!

We are finishing up our box of goodies for God's Tiny Angels and hope to get it mailed out this week.  We have sweaters, booties, hats and preemie quilts to send their way.  We also packed up three quilts for the Dickerson Center this week and Deeann will be coming by to pick them up as well.  Finally, we are mailing out a quilt for a child in Canada who had surgery complications and we sent another package to our preemie project family including a preemie quilt for the baby and a larger one for the big sister.

So, as you can see, we are moving the binkies out about as quickly as they come in.  We are busy over here at the Binky Patrol SC - join us - there is lots to do and you don't need to know how to sew to help out.  Email us at or visit our web site at


Monday, February 21, 2011

Binky Patrol SC Mystery Quilt Contest

We had a suggestion from Quilter Anita to have a quilting contest and we are so excited about this!  When all of the entries come in, she will be assembling a mystery quilt for us to donate to one of our groups.  Don't miss out on this - details are below.  Next we will be having a Be Square - Build A Binky Contest for the knitters and crocheters.  Watch for details on that one to come.

The Binky Patrol South Carolina is CRAZY for Quilts!  
Join us for a Charity Mystery Quilt Contest!
Please join us to help create a Charity Mystery Crazy Quilt to be donated to one of the groups we provide quilts to. To see the full list, please visit our web site at

Dates:   Friday, February, 18th through Friday, March 11th, 2011

Rules:   Submit as many scraps of fabric as you would like—anything from 5” X 5” inches and up will be included. Strips, squares, rectangles, triangles are all fine just as long as they are at least 5 X 5. Each piece of fabric, of at least this size, will be incorporated into the quilt in some way. Your fabric must be mailed in to reach us by the deadline and the form below must be included with your scraps. For each scrap you send in, you will be entered in our drawing to win—no limit on the number of scraps you can submit. Winners will be drawn randomly from the names entered on Saturday, March 12, 2011. Pictures of the quilt will be posted as soon as it is completed.

Prize:   The winner will be allowed to choose the group the quilt is donated to from our list of donor groups. The winner will also receive a $25 gift certificate for Creative Sewing Machine Center in West Columbia!  Thank you so much to Creative Sewing for providing the prize for this contest!!

Address: BPSC, 149 Collumwood Circle, West Columbia, SC 29170
Contact us with questions or concerns at
The registration form is available on our web site at

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Finally.......We are Getting Ready for Spring......

As always, it seems that Spring is a long time coming.  We are very fortunate to live in a somewhat tropical climate - South Carolina.  However - we have had a somewhat eventful winter this year.  Not much by some standards and we surely can't complain.  But......we are very excited to be planning for the coming of Spring this year!!!

Something new we are doing is adding all of our photos to a flickr group.  The link is below.  This will allow us to have all of our pictures of donations in one place and easily visible.  We have placed a flickr box on the left hand side of the blog as well and you can see the pictures pop up there too.  Be sure to check them out.  This is not to ring our own bell, but to encourage others and show them what a little imagination and effort can become.  It also is a way to thank our volunteers and group - to show them they are greatly appreciated!  Let us know what you think.  I am still adding photos but hope to be caught up this week.  As I have time, I will add names to the creations.

We also have a new project in the works - we will be working to get scraps donated so that we can complete a scrap quilt.  Our quilter extraordinaire will be creating the final project.  We will be posting more information on this challenge and what it could mean for you.  We hope this will also allow us to show how much just a small piece of fabric can do and what it can mean to a child in need.  Watch for details to come......

As I mentioned, we are very fortunate that our climate in South and North Carolina is not as extreme as some states, but we still have many children who go to bed at night cold, alone and afraid; children who are abused and away from the only family they know; preemies born every day to parents who are unable or unwilling to care for them; babies born who are drug addicted or who carry the virus that causes AIDS; babies with birth defects that are catastrophic to a family and many children who are affected by cancer and other childhood diseases and the forgotten ones - teens in foster care - many don't want to think about them or their needs.  While our climate is comparatively mild, our children are no less in need.  Please don't believe that because warmer months are ahead, there is nothing to do.  Children as well as adults need to know they are loved and cared for every day and sometimes it is a matter of survival.  No one thrives with out love and care.

Please check out our needs list - it does not take much to make a difference and we provide tax deductible receipts for anything donated.  We are in desperate need of postage - many of our items have to be mailed out to groups that are not close enough for delivery or pick up.  As mentioned above, scraps are always appreciated - yarn is always needed for our crocheters and knitters; batting, thread and more.  We are always appreciative of anything you would like to donate - we will find a use for it.  Email us at or visit our web site at  We need you!  We have a spectacular group of ladies working for the BPSC, but they cannot do it all - the needs are just too large.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Quilts....Pillows.....Cases...Ah Quillows...

I have always heard about Quillows - you know the blankets that stuff into themselves and become a pillow.  Well --- duh - it finally dawned on me that these would be so perfect for the kids in shelters that we send blankets to.  A Binky Quillow!  How great would that be to have a soft pillow and quilt all in one - and easy to carry and keep up with.  When it's not a pillow, its a blanket and when not a blanket its a pillow.  Who ever thought up this one was a genius! 

I have heard they are relatively simple to do as well.  If you like to quilt, they could be made in patchwork, but if that isn't your thing, they can be made in simple solid pieces of fabric.  I am in search of a very clear pattern and if you know one, please do let us know.  We would like to include this project in our next Bink-A-Thon.  They would also be wonderful for babies as well and could be included in the upcoming National Baby Shower project.  Watch for more details on both of these events as they get closer.  We will be posting our calendar later this week.  Also, don't forget to let us know if you are aware of any individuals needs for the Binky Patrol.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Learn from the Young........

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting a wonderful young lady last weekend along with her equally super Mom!  They came all the way across town to deliver two handmade blankets they made.  I can't express my excitement when I saw their creations and realized the honest love that went into these two blankets.  The daughter - Taylor Rae - is only 15 years old.  An age when many young girls are very self absorbed and only thinking of texting and clothes and such, she took the time to make the most beautiful baby blanket.  She didn't choose the simplest of patterns - she picked one that is more complex and turned out such a sweet, soft beautiful blanket that any little one would love!  This was a community service project for school and she gets an A++ in my book.  ;o)  Her Mom took on the challenge as well and made a twin size gorgeous ripple - our first bed sized binky.  This will be so welcomed by the ladies at SisterCare and we are so proud to send it.  In a time when it is so easy to just write a check, these two ladies put in the effort and not just a simple effort but a time consuming full fledged commitment to make these wonderful blankets filled with love.  I cannot thank them enough.  What is more exciting, Kim, the Mom, tells me that they will be making more and that Taylor Rae, a very busy high school student, has caught the bug and has all sorts of plans to make her own creations.  Pictures of their donations are below.

Taylor Rae's Blanket
Kim's Blanket
If you know of a young person who might be interested in doing the same, please contact us.  We can even help with supplies and we can provide receipts and any other information needed for class credits.  This is such a wonderful way to teach our kids from an early ago on, that giving is so rewarding and should be an integral part of all our lives.  From those whom much is given, much is doesn't take much to give love and caring to others and there are a multitude of ways to do so.  Join in - you will be so glad you did.  A joke my boys used to tell goes - "Where do you find a helping hand ---- at the end of your arm"  Be the difference you want to see.  Email us at and find out how easy it is to help.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Had Any "Good Fun" Lately?

I so remember when my boys were young and we would do something and then they would declare - "That was good fun!"  I am not sure where it started or where it came from but it always made me smile.  Last week I found out about a new book full of good fun and I just have to spread the word about this wonderful idea!!  It is called "The Good Fun Book" and it is full of party ideas for children but---here's the catch--they all include ideas that celebrate service!  What a wonderful simple idea and what a great way to teach children to do for others.

Today - my copy arrived and I am so excited about this idea that I can't say enough.  It surely doesn't hurt that the Binky Patrol is included and is one of the suggested ideas, but that is not my only reason for loving it.  If we can teach our children when they are young to always keep in mind that giving is so rewarding and should be an integral part of all our lives they will pass it on.  As one of the reviews states, this could be the beginning of a change in our world - start with the children and the ideas will grow.

Something I read last week has stayed with me - it was a post on Facebook from the Ronald McDonald House Charities that stated "We believe that when you change a child's life, you change a family's, which can change a community, and ultimately the world."  This is our belief as well and such a profound way of looking at things.  Who would have thought that "Good Fun" could involve service as well.  Don't miss out on this book and this idea - give it as a gift to every child you know - we can all make a difference - even the smallest of us!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Binkies and Dollies and Baby Bunnies and So Much More....

As always we are staying busy at the BPSC!!  We have been working on year end reports and getting things lined up for 2011!  Today we were able to get permission from the owner of MMM Crafts - Larissa Holland - to use one of her patterns for our shelter and hospital projects.  This is very exciting - the pattern is for her Baby Binky Bunny - what could be more perfect!  These little babies have their own binky and they can be made safe for children under three.  They also have room for our embroidery designs on the back of the diaper.  ;o)  We hope to get these babies out to some of our shelters as well as the Ronald McDonald Children's Room at our local Palmetto Richland Hospital.  As soon as we get our first one created we will post a picture - here he is from Larissa's blog - what a cutie!!  We can make these with open or closed eyes and they are all soft and squishable and most lovable!

We have also taken on a new project for the Medical University of South Carolina Children's Hospital.   This is something that has been close to my heart for quite a while and I am so happy to have found a hospital that accepts outside donations.  We will be working on blank cloth dolls - these are used for children at the MUSC Children's Hospital to illustrate procedures they will be having done.  They actually get IV's, casts, bandages - what a wonderful way to explain necessary medical procedures to a child....  We will also be sending blankets along to the children's hospital for parents as well as the children.

We also received wonderful news this weekend!  Peggy Ledford with Creative Sewing Machine Center contacted us to be a part of their 10th Anniversary Celebration in March!  They have been very kind to us donating fabric and batting as well as taking time to answer tons of questions and offer demonstrations for the embroidery techniques.  I can't say enough about this wonderful shop - my most favorite dreamland.  ;o)  If you have never been, it is worth traveling to see it!!  Watch for the binky Andrea is creating with the bolt of beautiful fabric Peggy gave us!

Stay tuned as we grow, and jump in any time if you would like to get involved.  Just email us at or visit our web site at

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh My Gosh........

Andrea's Preemie Blanket
Nancy's Preemie Creations
Preemie Outfits
OMG ~ OH MY GOSH!!!  I can't say it enough!!  The ladies in this group are so exceptional that I can't begin to thank them enough!!  We now have a great mix of talents - knitter, crocheter, sewer, quilter and a doll maker!  Sounds like a children's nursery rhyme.  We have been hard at work on our preemie project - we do our best to provide items for a family with a baby in the NICU - until the baby makes it home safely.  Then we plan to send a NICU Grad package - the happiest one of all.  I sent out the call for this project a couple of weeks ago, just after we heard about the birth of the baby.  Well, the items that have been received and that are in the works are just so wonderful.  The two handmade binkies, hats, socks and onsie are so colorful and soft.  We sent these over to our preemie family along with a handmade doll for the big sister in the family and some more preemie clothing.  We were also able to send a gift card from Walmart for incidentals as having a preemie in the family can be quite expensive and not something we really plan for.  Anita has a quilt made for both the baby and the big sister that we will be sending over next week.  This project has been very exciting.  We would love to do more of these but we need more hands working to do that.  Please think about joining us - there is not requirement about how much any member does - just what they can - it all adds up and enables us to do wonderful things!!
DinkyBaby by Vicki Riley
This little guy is about the size of a 4-5 pound preemie and he can wear preemie clothes.  He also had a handmade hat and booties.  :o)  These babies are great for older siblings to get ready for the new baby.  He even wear's a preemie diaper.  So cute and snuggly and soft!  He was donated by Vicki Riley of

We have so many more projects in the works - there is much work to be done.  Check out our web site to find out more at or email us at

Sunday, January 2, 2011

What's On Our Needles.....

We are starting our year off very busy.  I am working on reports and all of the necessary paperwork that is required with any non-profit.  I am very slow, so if you are waiting on receipts, etc., bear with me - they will get there.  ;o)

We are starting a new feature on our blog - What's On Our Needles....this can be knitting needles, crochet hooks, sewing or embroidery machine needles - what ever needles seem to be flying at the moment.  As I mentioned in my last post, we have a very special Preemie Project this month and in the coming year.  It has long been our goal to assist families experiencing the trauma of a preemie and life in the NICU.  Last year we learned of Baby Emma - a sweet little girl suffering from Spina Bifida and we have offered up prayers for her over the past months.  Her story is here and it is so wonderful - filled with tears and laughter, videos and wonderful pictures.  I have been spell bound by her since the first day I heard about her story and we are getting ready to send her a sweet little soft binkie.  She has stabilized somewhat and is just so beautiful.  I will post a pic when we get ready to ship it.  So that one is on my sewing machine.

Next up on the needles are hats and preemie wraps for a new little preemie - Baby Ethan born just shy of 28 weeks and doing well.  Nonetheless, his family is going through all of the traumas that NICU life brings to a family and this is something we never plan for.  We plan to support them with gifts for the family over the first weeks and months of Ethan's life until he is home safe and sound.  He has a big sister Emma, an angelic little cherub that will steal your heart with one little smile.  We  have a dolly just like baby brother going out to her this week along with a little princess for her to hang in her room, a special preemie size binky for Ethan (made quickly by Andrea when I sent out the emergency call) as well as some preemie outfits he will be able to wear later.  We also are crocheting some little diaper shirts that are easy off and on for when he can wear clothing in the NICU.  Nancy is whipping up a knit kimono - she knows much about preemies as a NICU nurse.  Anita is fast at work on quilts for both Emma and Ethan.  We are praying and sending good thoughts for the day that he becomes a NICU GRAD!!  Please remember this little family in your thoughts and prayers.  Grandma Margaret is keeping us abreast of things and will be handling the delivery of our packages to the family - thanks so much to her and special blessing for her as a Grandmother to a preemie. 

On the knitting front we are working on booties for the bootie blitz at God's Tiny Angels.  As always, Danette is hard at work and hitting the ground running with her organization.  We have learned so much from her and are so grateful for her allowing us to join in.  She is just so amazing with over 10,000 items donated in 2010 - we are so very proud to have been a small part with 50 items donated as well as funds for her shipping costs.

I know I have not updated on the embroidery front in quite a while and I am ashamed to say that other than reading about the machine, I have not made much progress.  Hubby and I have decided to take down the bed in my craft room this week as no one uses it - when the boys or anyone else stays over, they don't want to bunk in there with the dolls and other girly stuff.  ;o)  So.......that means that I might be able to finally get organized!  I gave myself a gift of an organizational book I am reading on my PC - let's hope and pray it works miracles because I have to get organized!!!

There is so much more going on and too much to tell but just know that we are very busy and we need all of the hands we can get.  If you want to join us, please email us at  or check out our web site at  We are so very fortunate to have a small group of very talented, caring women but we can do so much more with more hands, prayers and materials, as well as postage.

Happy New Year from the Binky Patrol South Carolina!!!