Friday, November 1, 2013

The Month for Thanksgiving.....

November is typically the month we all begin to think about what we are thankful for!  The BPSC is always so very thankful for all of you who keep us going.  We so appreciate all that you do and we would not be able to carry on without you!

We have delivered almost 100 items this year to NICU's, individuals and shelters as well as children's homes.  With cooler months ahead, our needs will grow and we hope to keep up with them.  Watch our progress on www.BPSC.CO where we have links to our Flickr, FaceBook and more.  We also try to post pics of each items we receive.

Send us an email if you would like to be involved.  There are many different ways to help and even if you can't sew, crochet or knit, there is still much that you can do.  We are always in need of help delivering and it can only take a few minutes to make a big difference.  We hope to hear from you at!!