Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Countdown to a New Year.....

I just can't believe it is almost 2011!  I don't know where this year has gone and we will soon be celebrating our first anniversary for the Binky Patrol South Carolina.  We began at the end of February this year and although we were off to a slow start, we are gaining in strength now and our goals are clear cut.  What a wonderful feeling to look back over the progress we have made this year and even more exciting is dreaming of what will be possible in the coming year.

This past week we heard about a new baby delivered at barely 28 weeks to a young family close to us.  This reminds us that there is much to do as this happens every day and most families never plan on this happening to them.  We are working on preemie blankets, hats and booties for this dear little one as well others in local hospitals.  If you would like to join in, please email me at or visit our Web Site at  We can use every pair of hands we can find.  You don't need to have any special talents - there is always something to do.  While we don't ask for cash donations, we can always use postage as we mail out most of our donations.  All items donated are tax deductible as the Binky Patrol SC is a non-profit and we do provide receipts.  Help us provide comfort and care for children in need!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tis the Season.....

We have been busy as buzzing bees here at the South Carolina Binky Patrol.  We are just about done for 2010 but I try to never say never because you just never know when you will have the opportunity to send out one more binky.  ;o)

So far this month we have packed up lots of goodies and sent them on their way.  Joyce with the Pink Slipper Project posted this most enchanting picture of the filled stockings we sent to her.  They will be going to two children in shelters this weekend.  We are so excited to have been able to assist with this project.

We were able to send 5 preemie blankets to God's Tiny Angels - 4 of which Anita quilted and they are just so adorable.  We will continue to work on Christmas items for GTA so that their supplies are adequate for next year.  We are also working on booties for the bootie blitz in January.  If you need patterns - we have lots of them.  We can always use hats, any kind of blankets as well as other items for preemies and newborns.

This is the little preemie blanket I made - my first time doing the bobbles and they were fun but a little trying at times.  Then when I was all done, one end was more narrow than the other  - I must have somehow switched to a smaller needle at some point.  I was able to fix that with a wash and steam press.  Bless Dannette with God's Tiny Angels - she can work wonders with anything she receives.

We were also able to get a box out to SisterCare - in that one we included one quilt from Anita, some Christmas erasers and 4 frilly bras - yes bras and no I didn't take a picture of them.  I had been holding onto them for a bra event for Breast Cancer but I know some of the ladies at the shelter would love something pretty and filly around the holidays and next year.  This masterpiece is another quilt of Anita's and I just know some lucky child will love it at the Shelter.  Isn't this pattern just beautiful!!

The box for Dickerson is packed and ready to go.  We sent them over two blankets - one that was made by Andrea - and another adorable quilt from Anita.  I know they will find a wonderful use for these for the children.  We will be working on more blankets as well as journals for this group.
The little train blanket Andrea made is actually two layers of very soft flannel sewn together with a blanket stitch - very cozy and so soft and just right for a busy little boy.  Anita's little girly bears and stripes binky is just perfect for a sweet little girl.  So excited to send these!!

Finally we are packing up a box to send to a new group that we just learned about.  It is mostly clothing for kids up to size 14 along with a sweet little quilt sent to us by Jill.  This is our first package to them and I hope we will learn more about what their needs are as we get to know them.  They actually house children at this shelter.    I don't know if you will be able to tell from this picture, but this little quilt of squares is made in very subtle shade differences of pastel blue and green.  It is lightweight and a good size for any baby or child.  Another great thing is that it is binky green - meaning that our patch looks like it was make for this one.  Jill also sent us a box full of these squares already cut and ready to make up.  Can't wait to try embroidering some of these.

As you can see our group has been very busy and we hope to do so much more in the coming year.  If you or someone you know would like to join in, please do.  Email me at or visit our web site at  This is a wonderful organization and we are so happy to be a part of it here in the South.  Happy Holidays!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Lost My Mind.......

Ok - it's official!!  I have lost my mind but I am having so much fun!!  I have been hoping and wishing for an embroidery machine for years and I do mean years!  Well, I took the plunge and ordered one from QVC and I have until January 31 to give it a try and return it if it is not as useful as I believe it will be.  I am so full of excitement - I am like a kid on Christmas and that is no exaggeration.  I have so many ideas on quilts and binkies we can make with embroidery.  This is especially exciting for me because it is very hard for me to do hand embroidery due to severe arthritis.  This will make is so easy for us to personalize our blankets and more.

I have jumped in head first into all of the designs, information, thread and more that you need to know about.  There is so much info out there and so much of it is FREE!!  We have been planning on adding a panel to our quilts for the children to have them signed - now we can add our initials - BPSC - so cool. 
If you have any ideas or suggestions for this new adventure, send them to me at - I would love to hear them.  Now if anybody can give me some ideas on telling my hubby about this new toy.   Do you think he will  notice it??  ;o)
Oh - and thank so very much to Wendy Gratton for sending me free designs and information and also to Louise Gregorek for sending info on stabilizers, threads, etc.  So much to learn - so much fun!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hands of Hope.....

Nancy K Perry Children's Center Artwork
We received information on the Nancy K. Perry Children's Center today and when I opened the envelope it hit me that the amount of children in need so close at hand is just unbelievable!  The drawing here is from this center and they are selling a beautiful calendar to raise money.  Information on the calendar may be found on their site at along with details about this shelter.  It is a wonderful caring place for children in need.

This center and the others we are working with really need our help to assist the children they serve.  A homemade gift given to them can give them the feeling of love and caring and is there when a loved one might not be able to be.  As we narrow our focus to our state and ones close to us, we will do all that we can to help each group, but we need help.  We can be the Hands of Hope - please join us - there is much to do and 2011 will be a growing year for the South Carolina Binky Patrol!!  Email us at - we are waiting hear from you.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Countdown to Thanksgiving.....

Just four more days until Turkey time and I am especially thankful this year!  We have been working hard to get our chapter started and it has been a little slow going.  We now have 4 active members and two more getting involved and about 31 followers on FaceBook.  We have a good stash of fabric as well as some batting and yarns and lots of patterns and we are getting busy.  Most importantly we have found several recipient groups that we feel strongly about helping and We are so excited to get to work for them.

Lynne, Andrea, Dee Ann and Sarah

Andrea and I visited our newest group this week - the Dickerson Center for Children here in West Columbia.  I can't say enough about this center and how excited we are to be working with them.  They counsel and assist children from 0-18 who have been abused.  It was surreal going from room to room and seeing things I had only seen in movies and television - cameras and two way mirrors - all necessary to the process.  But then there were the comforting spaces where the children play and are cared for and counseled - that is where we come in.  We will be providing blankets for use in the center as well as to be given to children who are counseled there.  We are also working on journals for the teens and anything else that will make the visits of the children more comforting.  In this picture are the two wonderful ladies who coordinate the center - DeeAnn and Sarah - I can't say enough about them.  They graciously gave us their time and gave us a tour and answered our questions.  Pictured here are two quilts - one made by Andrea and one by Anita.  Just so exciting.

Also this week we received more quilts and fabric from Anita and Jill.  Just as soon as I can get organized we will post pictures of the new items.  Exciting things are happening at Binky Patrol SC - join us - you will gain so much more than you give.  Email us at .  We have much to be thankful for this year!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Making Magic.......

Snowman Quilt by Andrea Shull
This is what it's all about.  This beautiful soft little quilt was made by member Andrea Shull and it is so adorable!!  This panel had been sitting in my stash for years and I could never get around to doing anything with it.  Andrea took it and put it together some other pieces of  flannel and look what she came up with.  It is nothing short of magic and if you are a child or teen in need something warm and cozy like this, handmade just for you, will make you feel special ----most especially when you are having a rough time.

As DeeAnn with the Dickerson Center told us, it is something they don't have to give back - it belongs to them and gives them a feeling of being cared for.

So if you are looking for a way to make a difference, join us.  It is so easy to help and you don't need any special talents.  We can use all sorts of help and our wish list is here on the blog.  Email us at and join in making the magic.....

Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.....

Christmas Stockings for Pink Slipper Project
We are getting pretty excited about our Christmas projects around here!!  Andrea and I got together today and cut the stocking patterns and made them and it was such fun!  We have a beginning on the stuffings and hopefully we will get these mailed out next week.  These are for the Stocking Project at the Pink Slipper Project.  These will be given to two children in shelters.  Such a wonderful project.

Christmas Items for GTA
We have almost finished up everything for the God's Tiny Angels group for Christmas also.  This package of diaper shirts, preemie hats, socks and preemie booties will be mailed out this week.  These have been so much fun to work on and we can't thank Danette Lemaster enough for all the work she does at GTA!!  You can't imagine how wonderful it feels to take part in this - I can just imagine a little preemie wearing one of those hats.

Donation from Creative Sewing
These are the items donated by Creative Sewing.  The big package of batting is so soft and fluffy and it will help us get quite a few blankets completed.  The bolt of fabric is so adorable and soft with sweet little lambs on it.  I can't wait to see it worked up into a quilt.  Thank you so much to Peggy Ledford and Creative Sewing!

Preemie Caps
Also going out this week are a few preemie hats for those who may not want items with a holiday theme.  Hopefully these will soon be keeping a sweet little head warm.

If you want to get involved, please email us at or visit the web site at  We can always use more hands and you don't need to have any special talents to help.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hanging out at the Hive......

We found a new way to get the word out about our group - Creating the Hive - and if you have not found this group yourself - you need to visit!  We thank The Pink Slipper Project for telling us about the Hive  - it is an arts and crafts community.  You can set up a page there - follow others, see blogs and so much more.  It is a great place to hang out if you like any kind of needlework, sewing or any craft.  We love it because we can upload the blog and get the word to so many crafters and hopefully get more binkies for the kids and more.

We are very busy working on our two filled stockings we are preparing for Christmas along with the baby items that are ready to be sent to God's Tiny Angels.  We are also working to get some pillow cases along with a quilt over to the local Ronald McDonald House before the holidays.  We have a wish list on the right of this blog - if you want to jump in and help - we would love to have you join us.  We don't take cash donations, but we won't refuse gift cards to craft and fabric stores as well as postage.  So much to do - so little time - so much excitement!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Exciting Week at Binky Patrol SC

Halloween Booties sent to PSP
Exciting things are coming our way after months of trying to get volunteer and binkies going!  Joyce from the Pink Slipper Project had some nice things to say about our group and posted pictures of the slippers we sent on her web site.  Check it out at the link below:
The Pink Slipper Project is a wonderful project and we support them as well as God's Tiny Angels.

Tamika Sims - Sistercare
We also made a delivery to Sistercare this week and met Volunteer Coordinator, Tamika Sims.  We took 3 quilts and the pocket dolls we had for them.  We are so excited to support this local shelter.  We will be working on pillow cases and slippers as well as blanket and dollies for this shelter.  While I absolutely hate having my picture taken - I had to post this one of Tamika (couldn't successfully crop myself out) and the goodies we delivered.

Last on our trip out was a visit to Creative Sewing Center in West Columbia where owner, Peggy Ledford, donated a bolt of beautiful fabric and a huge pack of batting which we desperately needed.  Pictures to come.  Thanks so much Peggy!!  If you do any type of needlework or sewing you must visit this store - it is like Disneyland for sewers!!!

We also have our Yahoo Group up and running for those of us who are active in the group.  If you would like to join us, please email me at

Our new website for the group is up and running and we will be posting there as well as this blog and FaceBook - follow us as we grow and provide comforting covers for children in need and so much more! .

Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Cyber Bink-A-Thon Started Things Moving Here.....

Fabric Donation Received
We had our online Bink-A-Thon this past Saturday, October 23, 2010 and it has really helped us get things moving in the right direction!!  Last week this beautiful box of fabric arrived here on our door step and we were so excited!!  This box is from a Jill Moss from Mt. Pleasant, SC.  This is the first donation of materials our chapter has received.  We have big plans for these beautiful fabrics.  Thank you so much Jill!

A dear friend who also happens to be my Son's Mother-in-Law, Andrea Shull from West Columbia,SC, is also part of our group now.  She is a wonderful crocheter and makes beautiful items!  She is working on preemie/security size blankets.  I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

Also, Linda Sweatman from Cordova, SC, joined in today and will be creating blankets.  Along with Anita Black of Charlotte, NC, (our wonderful Quilter) our group is coming together and I believe we can do great things.  We have many projects lined up for winter and the Holidays and we can sure use more hands - please let us know if you want to jump in and get involved!  You don't need to be able to sew - there are many ways to help!!  Contact us at .

Candy Corn Preemie Set for GTA

Friday, October 22, 2010

Bink-A-Thon Going On Here!!

This is our very first Bink-A-Thon in South Carolina and we are excited!!  We are a very new and very small chapter of Binky Patrol and due to time constraints we have planned a cyber bink-a-thon for tomorrow - Saturday, October 23, 2010!  Well things are getting pretty exciting around here already!!  This week we received two more beautiful quilts as noted below, today we received a box of beautiful fabric from Jill Moss in Mt. Pleasant, SC.  Tonight I heard from Peggy Ledford with the Creative Sewing Center right here in West Columbia and she will be donating some materials which we desperately need!  If you have never visited the Creative Sewing Center, then you must go.  It is the most wonderful place to learn all about sewing, machine embroidery and so much more.  For me it is like the Disney Land of fabric stores and I could spend untold hours browsing and touching and learning there.  It is worth a trip from any where in South or North Carolina as well as Georgia.  You won't be sorry you came!!  My dream is to one day add an embroidery machine to our sewing room for the chapter and take some classes there - I will truly feel that I have gone to heaven if I can accomplish that one.  More pictures to come as tomorrow progresses.  Let us know what you are working on or sending and remember - we will happily receive what ever you have to offer and be so thankful for any donation of materials.  Email pictures and information to us at  Can't wait to hear from you!

Creative Sewing Center in West Columbia, SC: 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Two More Beautiful Quilts.....

Our Member, Anita Black has done it again!  I found a wonderful package on the door step and inside were these two most beautiful handmade quilts.  Anita is a very gifted quilter and we are so very happy to have her as a member of our group.  I just can't wait to deliver these two - they are so much more beautiful than this picture can show.

You can see by looking at these that small pieces of fabric can come together to make something so wonderful.  If all you can do is send is a swatch or one skein of yarn or buttons - no donation is too small and we will be so happy to accept it and we promise to make it into something wonderful.  We have posted our wish list in the right margin - check it out and consider helping us get ready for winter this year.  The needs are great in South Carolina!

Looking for Patterns and Ideas.......

Like most obsessive knitters and crocheters, I am always on the search for new patterns - especially baby ones!  I stumbled onto the blog below this week and found some wonderful free share patterns that are so perfect for this time of the year.   It is Bella Bambina and the author of this blog creates for babies in need too and she has wonderful patterns like this one available for free for those of us who craft for a cause.  You must check it out - it is a delight and such fun.  I especially would like to make this little pull over but there are many patterns to choose from and all are fairly easy.  Consider making one for the Binky Patrol - winter is fast approaching and there will be many little ones in need!  Even just a little warm hat can make so much difference for a newborn or preemie!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Leaving Fall Behind Reluctantly......

As hard as it is, we must move on from Fall to Holiday and Winter preparations.  I so love Fall I would stay stuck here forever.  Our weather here in the south has just been wonderful - cool crisp nights and bright sunny days with no humidity and temps in the 70's and 80's - I Love it!!  But as we know it won't be long until frost is nipping at our toes and there will be a need for binkies and more!  Please don't hesitate to get involved - it doesn't require a lot of time or money to give so much.  But surprisingly you will find that what you receive in return is so much more!!  Email us if you would like to join us - you may be surprised how simple it is to help!   Email

FaceBook Page:!/pages/Binky-Patrol-South-Carolina/353948326581?v=wall 

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall is Busy Busy.....

Halloween Goodies/Newborn Binkie
Preemie Kimono
Fall is a busy time - the cooler months will soon be here although they are slow coming here in the South.  We have some colorful items that we have sent over to God's Tiny Angels for the Babies as well as a few things for the Pink Slipper Project which benefits shelters like our own Sister Care in Cayce.  We can use all the help we can get and the more hands the better.

Our chapter is the first in South Carolina and we are working hard to keep turning out binkies, booties, sweaters, quilts and more but we need help.  Please email us at if you feel you can contribute in any way.  You don't have to be particularly talented - anyone can make a difference and it is such a great feeling to get involved.

We have lots of free use patterns created specifically for charity use.  One of them is above - this is a little preemie diaper shirt.  Below are a few more examples.  Jump in and help out - you will be so glad you did.

Newborn Sweater Set
Slippers for Pink Slipper Project

Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Goodies to the God's Tiny Angels........

These are our latest donations to God's Tiny Angels.  This time we sent newborn booties, a preemie sleeper and sweater along with fleece blanket and a newborn size sweater and matching hat.  These items are sent to hospitals (including one in Charleston, SC) for babies in need.

Our next project for GTA will be fall hats and binkies.  Let us know if you want to help - we can use all of the help we can get.  Email me at 

Beautiful Donations by Member Anita Black from North Carolina.....

This beautiful handmade quilt came from one of our members - Anita Black from North Carolina.  It is so adorable and soft and even the back is beautiful in a pink flannel.  We are so happy to receive it and it will be donated to the local Ronald McDonald House.  What a wonderful donation!!  Thank you so much Anita!!

This quilt was also created an donated by Anita and it is a beautiful mauve and white with a beautiful soft back as well.  This one will go to the Sister Care here in Cayce, SC.

We are so proud and pleased to have Anita as part of our group and so thankful for her creations.

Even if you don't quilt, sew or know how to craft, you can still make a blanket or another item to donate.  We are happy to have anyone who would like to participate in the Binky Patrol - come join us.  Email me at for more information.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sewing Site Surfing Again.....

 I have been at it again - I could spend hours searching for patterns and ideas.  I have found so many wonderful tutorials loaded with information and ideas and they are FREE!!  Below is one for a perfect quilt to use for Binkies and the great thing is that it is very quick and very simple.  If you are looking for ideas or just inspiration, sewing blogs are so great and the online sewing community is so generous and you will find information you will never find elsewhere.  Enjoy!

Friday, May 28, 2010

No - This Is Not An Episode of Hording!

Ok - so this is NOT a picture for a Hording Episode, although my husband might argue that fact!  This is a portion of the fabric we have on hand along with some other creative goodies.  Now all we have to do is get organized so that we can get to work.  Believe me, for someone like me, that is no small feat!

This weekend, I will have a new volunteer working with me - my 14 year old Son!  Is he excited - no, is he willing - pretty much.  He has to perform two hours of community service for his 9th grade Leadership Class and when I told him this was the perfect match he was none too sure - he did give in though.  We have a couple of blankets to cut, tons of yards to sort, and patterns, oh my do we have patterns to sort and label.  That way when a volunteer would like a particular type of pattern, we can accommodate!  It is a fun exciting project for me - it will grow on him.  Really....I will keep you posted.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Binkies and Goodies

Here is our second donation to God's Tiny Angels - one preemie Red while and blue baby blanket, hat and bootie set, fall bootie set, two pairs of baby socks and one fleece blanket with flower applique.  We also made another small shipping donation.  This is so exciting to be a part of all of this through our Binky Patrol SC Chapter.  Join us if you can - you don't have to have any special talents - just a desire to help children in need and sometimes we even send items to adults in need.  Let us know if you know of a situation of need in SC - we are here to help.  Email us at!

Small Things Can Make a Big Difference....

One of our first donations was made to God's Tiny Angels - a wonderful group that is run by Danette Lemaster and they send items to NICU's, WIC, etc all over the place and one of their destinations is a Hospital right here in Charleston, SC.  Our first box was just four hats and two sets of booties but we were just so excited to take part it in anyway.  We try to send a small shipping donation each time also, because they ship their items all over the place and shipping has become very costly.  Danette posts pictures of each and every donation and ours is there for April.  Our second box just went off this week and more information to come on that one.  Just another way to help babies and children in need.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby Emma Needs Our Help!

 We all have that dream when expecting or adopting a child ~ they will be perfect with ten little toes and ten little fingers - no life threatening birth defects and still we worry and worry and then all at once they are here and then the real worries begin.  The link below is about a wonderful young family filled with love and faith and their precious little Baby Emma.  She is a gift from God and you can see that each day is a treasure to them.  Emma has been though so much in her few months on this earth and we need your prayers for Emma and her family.  She has returned to the hospital after a short time at home and she is now on life support and her family waits for answers.  Please take a minute to view her Mommy's blog and see this wonderful child and her journey and then take a minute to send positive thoughts and prayers her way.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Binky Patrol - New DinkyBaby Pattern Available!

Vicki Riley with has created a pattern that is so perfect for our binkies!  This little sweet pattern is so perfect for babies and small children and gives them a little friend to love as well as a soft cuddly blanket
to snuggle with.  If you decide to become a volunteer for the Binky Patrol in SC, we will provide you with this sweet little pattern if you agree to make a DinkyBaby Binky for us!  Email us at or go to and click on the SC Chapter - we are in West Columbia.  We provide comforting covers for children in need.  Sometimes we even provide for adults as well - depending on the situation.  Let us know if you know of someone in need!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Pocket Doll Contest to Benefit the Binnky Patrol!

Vicki Riley of DinkyBaby.Com is having a wonderful creative contest to benefit the Binky Patrol and our first donor - Sister Care in SC.  This is a battered women's shelter and many children come through the halls there.  Details are below.    Enter to win this contest and YOU will be the winner! The rules are simple.
To enter please request the entry form by e-mailing

As your entry you will need to make three pocket dolls along with "Angela's Quiet Baby Purse" and mail the finished purse & dolls to Vicki. The address will be on the form.

Use your imagination! Come up with some great ideas of how to dress and decorate your dolls and purse.

Please use pattern #061-068 and craft velour (for faces) other then that be creative.
If you need the pattern and fabric it is available below at a great price. Velvet ribbon is also available below.
I will photograph each entry so that it can be added to the "Pocket Baby & Purse Idea CD". All those who enter will receive a copy of this CD for FREE. You will receive credit for your ideas below the photograph. This CD will be sold with all the proceeds going to a charity of Lynne's choice,
First place prize is $50 in patterns from Dinky Baby
Second place prize is $30 in patterns from Dinky Baby
Third place prize is $20 in patterns form Dinky Baby

Everyone wins because all the Pocket Dolls and Purses will be either donated to a charity of Lynne's choice,

The deadline for receipt of all items has been extended through May 31, 2010!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Sew Mama Sew

 If you are searching for a great sewing blog where you can learn to sew or just learn more about sewing, this is a great one!  They have so many beautiful blankets and quilts there as well as all sorts of other items and what a great place to learn to make a binky for the Binky Patrol!!  Check out the link below - so much fun and sew much to learn!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Binky Patrol - Making Blankets for Children

Binky Patrol now has a chapter in South Carolina!  We are so excited and working hard to get going and get those binkies out to children who need them!