Monday, October 31, 2011

Clean Sheets ......Ah........

I don't know why but I have always absolutely loved clean sheets!  No matter how tired I am or what else I have to do, I will do all that I can to muster up the energy to put a clean set of sheets on our bed at the end of each week.  Only thing better is a hot bath, clean jammies along with the clean sheets.  Now that is such a simple pleasure......but is it?

Many children will go to bed tonight some place cold and dirty, with no one to read a bedtime story, no clean jammies and surely no hot bath.  All over this country, many right here in our own state, are homeless and they sleep in cars, travel from shelter to shelter, live in tents, live in poorly heated homes or ones with no heat.  They can't remember or have never known what a sweet pleasure it is to have a clean bed to climb into after a long day.  Homeless children come in all sizes, shapes and colors and from all sorts of backgrounds.  Especially in the time we are now living in, this has become part of our culture.  So much so that we expect it and we all tend to overlook the homeless and move on with our lives.

This holiday season this will be our focus.  We are working on personal care bags for shelters as well as toys and items for gifts and as always we need blankets, pillow cases, hats and more.  Please consider getting involved - if not with our group, then find one you feel comfortable with and chip in.  As I have mentioned many times, the gain is so much more than what you give.  It is priceless and if you have a clean warm place to sleep consider yourself very fortunate and help someone else who may us at