Sunday, July 29, 2012

Arf Arf...Who Let the Dogs Out.....

Squee - the most wonderful surprise was waiting for us a couple of weeks ago! A box from Tracy filled with a beautiful assortment of yarn and some of the cutest little doggies and other animals you ever saw!!  They are so cute words cannot express so here is a pic.  These are just perfect for the Boys Home of the South!  It is so hard to find things that are appropriate for young boys but these dogs really hit it out of the park.  What boy wouldn't want to share secrets with these guys and have a friend to talk to in the darkness of night.  I know they will be loved and cherished!  I can't wait to get them shipped off.

The yarn was so welcomed also - we are working hard on hats and sweaters for the fall and winter ahead.  This box along with a wonderful shipment from our very own Quilter, Anita, will get us moving on the right track.  We can't thank you both enough!!

We are still working to get pictures of all of our beautiful items received so far this year.  Keep checking our Flickr to the left and the Facebook page.  We are so very thankful for each and every item we receive!!  It is through your generosity and thoughtfulness that the BPSC's work is made possible!

Stay cool and enjoy your Summer and ......dream of the beautiful fall to come!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Anita and the Quilters are Back!!!

Anita Black ~ Quilter

Not that they ever went anywhere - they have been quietly working away in the background all along!  They are back to work on the Preemie Christmas Project and we are beyond excited!!!  We hope to get packages out to all of the local NICU's as well as a box to Charlotte.  These hospitals are very busy and get so many preemies in and the NICU is a scary place to be, even more so at the holidays.  The tiny little quilts warm and decorate the isolette.  The nurses love receiving them and they then become a gift for the family and a cherished memory for the family and the baby.

Preemie Projects are one of our very favorites at the Binky Patrol SC.  Both North and South Carolina have high rates of premature births and our local hospitals work very hard to make this transitional time a strong beginning for the families involved.  Unfortunately many of these families are financially stressed as well and the gift of a handmade quilt is so appreciated. 

Last year in 2011 we were able to send our more than 100 Preemie Quilts to the Neonatal Intensive Care Units here in South Carolina and one in Charlotte, NC.  We put this little notice out:  The Binky Patrol SC need help with preemie quilts - little tiny quilts sized 20 X 20 to send home with preemies that spend their first days and weeks, sometimes months, in the NICU ~ the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  For any family that experiences this, they don't soon forget the trauma and worry and you are forever filled with gratitude when you are able to take that wonderful little bundle home with you.  Well little did we know that our Number One Quilter, Anita, would take this in hand for us and make it happen.

This year Anita is getting her group going early so that she can ensure that the needs will be filled in time for the holidays.  If you are a quilter, or know of someone who is, please let them know about this group.  It is open for anyone to join.  These little quilts can be very easy and made in a pillow case style for those who don't want to piece or can't.  Being involved is more rewarding than you can imagine!  For more information visit Anita's FaceBook page here!  Email us at if you need more info and I can put you in contact with Anita.  If you would rather donate supplies to help with this project, we can let you know how to send them to her as well.

Thank you so much Anita for tackling this wonderful effort again this year.  We will never be able to thank you enough!!  You are our shinning star!!

Follow our progress on Anita's page as well as the BPSC FaceBook page located here!