Friday, May 28, 2010

No - This Is Not An Episode of Hording!

Ok - so this is NOT a picture for a Hording Episode, although my husband might argue that fact!  This is a portion of the fabric we have on hand along with some other creative goodies.  Now all we have to do is get organized so that we can get to work.  Believe me, for someone like me, that is no small feat!

This weekend, I will have a new volunteer working with me - my 14 year old Son!  Is he excited - no, is he willing - pretty much.  He has to perform two hours of community service for his 9th grade Leadership Class and when I told him this was the perfect match he was none too sure - he did give in though.  We have a couple of blankets to cut, tons of yards to sort, and patterns, oh my do we have patterns to sort and label.  That way when a volunteer would like a particular type of pattern, we can accommodate!  It is a fun exciting project for me - it will grow on him.  Really....I will keep you posted.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Binkies and Goodies

Here is our second donation to God's Tiny Angels - one preemie Red while and blue baby blanket, hat and bootie set, fall bootie set, two pairs of baby socks and one fleece blanket with flower applique.  We also made another small shipping donation.  This is so exciting to be a part of all of this through our Binky Patrol SC Chapter.  Join us if you can - you don't have to have any special talents - just a desire to help children in need and sometimes we even send items to adults in need.  Let us know if you know of a situation of need in SC - we are here to help.  Email us at!

Small Things Can Make a Big Difference....

One of our first donations was made to God's Tiny Angels - a wonderful group that is run by Danette Lemaster and they send items to NICU's, WIC, etc all over the place and one of their destinations is a Hospital right here in Charleston, SC.  Our first box was just four hats and two sets of booties but we were just so excited to take part it in anyway.  We try to send a small shipping donation each time also, because they ship their items all over the place and shipping has become very costly.  Danette posts pictures of each and every donation and ours is there for April.  Our second box just went off this week and more information to come on that one.  Just another way to help babies and children in need.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby Emma Needs Our Help!

 We all have that dream when expecting or adopting a child ~ they will be perfect with ten little toes and ten little fingers - no life threatening birth defects and still we worry and worry and then all at once they are here and then the real worries begin.  The link below is about a wonderful young family filled with love and faith and their precious little Baby Emma.  She is a gift from God and you can see that each day is a treasure to them.  Emma has been though so much in her few months on this earth and we need your prayers for Emma and her family.  She has returned to the hospital after a short time at home and she is now on life support and her family waits for answers.  Please take a minute to view her Mommy's blog and see this wonderful child and her journey and then take a minute to send positive thoughts and prayers her way.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Binky Patrol - New DinkyBaby Pattern Available!

Vicki Riley with has created a pattern that is so perfect for our binkies!  This little sweet pattern is so perfect for babies and small children and gives them a little friend to love as well as a soft cuddly blanket
to snuggle with.  If you decide to become a volunteer for the Binky Patrol in SC, we will provide you with this sweet little pattern if you agree to make a DinkyBaby Binky for us!  Email us at or go to and click on the SC Chapter - we are in West Columbia.  We provide comforting covers for children in need.  Sometimes we even provide for adults as well - depending on the situation.  Let us know if you know of someone in need!