Monday, December 19, 2011

This is Why.....

Many times I forget why we do what we do and while there are many reasons, the one that always comes back to me is it's about the Babies!  We do things for all ages of children even into young adulthood, but it always begins with the babies.

Babies are our future, they are the continuation of life and they give us hope in all things.  They are innocent and totally dependent and helpless - without love and care they cannot survive.

I stumbled onto this story today through another blog that I frequent and it just broke my heart.  Little Afton Jean was born on November 22, 2011 and lived a very short seven days.  But in that short time she made a difference in many lives and continues to do so.  This story may be disturbing and upsetting for many, but in reading about this sweet little miracle we see a glimpse of a small sweet soul who makes us want to hug our babies and children a little tighter each day. 

So---if each of us who has been fortunate enough to have a healthy child in our lives would make a point to reach out and help those who have struggled we could make a difference.  Many babies born too soon don't have a warm hat or blanket or in the event of the worst, a burial outfit.  Take a minute to make a difference.

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