Friday, May 28, 2010

No - This Is Not An Episode of Hording!

Ok - so this is NOT a picture for a Hording Episode, although my husband might argue that fact!  This is a portion of the fabric we have on hand along with some other creative goodies.  Now all we have to do is get organized so that we can get to work.  Believe me, for someone like me, that is no small feat!

This weekend, I will have a new volunteer working with me - my 14 year old Son!  Is he excited - no, is he willing - pretty much.  He has to perform two hours of community service for his 9th grade Leadership Class and when I told him this was the perfect match he was none too sure - he did give in though.  We have a couple of blankets to cut, tons of yards to sort, and patterns, oh my do we have patterns to sort and label.  That way when a volunteer would like a particular type of pattern, we can accommodate!  It is a fun exciting project for me - it will grow on him.  Really....I will keep you posted.

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