Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby Emma Needs Our Help!

 We all have that dream when expecting or adopting a child ~ they will be perfect with ten little toes and ten little fingers - no life threatening birth defects and still we worry and worry and then all at once they are here and then the real worries begin.  The link below is about a wonderful young family filled with love and faith and their precious little Baby Emma.  She is a gift from God and you can see that each day is a treasure to them.  Emma has been though so much in her few months on this earth and we need your prayers for Emma and her family.  She has returned to the hospital after a short time at home and she is now on life support and her family waits for answers.  Please take a minute to view her Mommy's blog and see this wonderful child and her journey and then take a minute to send positive thoughts and prayers her way.

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