Friday, October 22, 2010

Bink-A-Thon Going On Here!!

This is our very first Bink-A-Thon in South Carolina and we are excited!!  We are a very new and very small chapter of Binky Patrol and due to time constraints we have planned a cyber bink-a-thon for tomorrow - Saturday, October 23, 2010!  Well things are getting pretty exciting around here already!!  This week we received two more beautiful quilts as noted below, today we received a box of beautiful fabric from Jill Moss in Mt. Pleasant, SC.  Tonight I heard from Peggy Ledford with the Creative Sewing Center right here in West Columbia and she will be donating some materials which we desperately need!  If you have never visited the Creative Sewing Center, then you must go.  It is the most wonderful place to learn all about sewing, machine embroidery and so much more.  For me it is like the Disney Land of fabric stores and I could spend untold hours browsing and touching and learning there.  It is worth a trip from any where in South or North Carolina as well as Georgia.  You won't be sorry you came!!  My dream is to one day add an embroidery machine to our sewing room for the chapter and take some classes there - I will truly feel that I have gone to heaven if I can accomplish that one.  More pictures to come as tomorrow progresses.  Let us know what you are working on or sending and remember - we will happily receive what ever you have to offer and be so thankful for any donation of materials.  Email pictures and information to us at  Can't wait to hear from you!

Creative Sewing Center in West Columbia, SC: 

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