Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Cyber Bink-A-Thon Started Things Moving Here.....

Fabric Donation Received
We had our online Bink-A-Thon this past Saturday, October 23, 2010 and it has really helped us get things moving in the right direction!!  Last week this beautiful box of fabric arrived here on our door step and we were so excited!!  This box is from a Jill Moss from Mt. Pleasant, SC.  This is the first donation of materials our chapter has received.  We have big plans for these beautiful fabrics.  Thank you so much Jill!

A dear friend who also happens to be my Son's Mother-in-Law, Andrea Shull from West Columbia,SC, is also part of our group now.  She is a wonderful crocheter and makes beautiful items!  She is working on preemie/security size blankets.  I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

Also, Linda Sweatman from Cordova, SC, joined in today and will be creating blankets.  Along with Anita Black of Charlotte, NC, (our wonderful Quilter) our group is coming together and I believe we can do great things.  We have many projects lined up for winter and the Holidays and we can sure use more hands - please let us know if you want to jump in and get involved!  You don't need to be able to sew - there are many ways to help!!  Contact us at .

Candy Corn Preemie Set for GTA

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  1. Lynne, Thank you for taking on the challenge of coordinating all of this: the group sewing/crochet sessions, the website, taking care of collecting and distributing. I know it is no small task.