Saturday, November 20, 2010

Countdown to Thanksgiving.....

Just four more days until Turkey time and I am especially thankful this year!  We have been working hard to get our chapter started and it has been a little slow going.  We now have 4 active members and two more getting involved and about 31 followers on FaceBook.  We have a good stash of fabric as well as some batting and yarns and lots of patterns and we are getting busy.  Most importantly we have found several recipient groups that we feel strongly about helping and We are so excited to get to work for them.

Lynne, Andrea, Dee Ann and Sarah

Andrea and I visited our newest group this week - the Dickerson Center for Children here in West Columbia.  I can't say enough about this center and how excited we are to be working with them.  They counsel and assist children from 0-18 who have been abused.  It was surreal going from room to room and seeing things I had only seen in movies and television - cameras and two way mirrors - all necessary to the process.  But then there were the comforting spaces where the children play and are cared for and counseled - that is where we come in.  We will be providing blankets for use in the center as well as to be given to children who are counseled there.  We are also working on journals for the teens and anything else that will make the visits of the children more comforting.  In this picture are the two wonderful ladies who coordinate the center - DeeAnn and Sarah - I can't say enough about them.  They graciously gave us their time and gave us a tour and answered our questions.  Pictured here are two quilts - one made by Andrea and one by Anita.  Just so exciting.

Also this week we received more quilts and fabric from Anita and Jill.  Just as soon as I can get organized we will post pictures of the new items.  Exciting things are happening at Binky Patrol SC - join us - you will gain so much more than you give.  Email us at .  We have much to be thankful for this year!!

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