Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hands of Hope.....

Nancy K Perry Children's Center Artwork
We received information on the Nancy K. Perry Children's Center today and when I opened the envelope it hit me that the amount of children in need so close at hand is just unbelievable!  The drawing here is from this center and they are selling a beautiful calendar to raise money.  Information on the calendar may be found on their site at http://www.nkp4kids.org along with details about this shelter.  It is a wonderful caring place for children in need.

This center and the others we are working with really need our help to assist the children they serve.  A homemade gift given to them can give them the feeling of love and caring and is there when a loved one might not be able to be.  As we narrow our focus to our state and ones close to us, we will do all that we can to help each group, but we need help.  We can be the Hands of Hope - please join us - there is much to do and 2011 will be a growing year for the South Carolina Binky Patrol!!  Email us at binkypatrolsc@sc.rr.com - we are waiting hear from you.

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