Sunday, January 2, 2011

What's On Our Needles.....

We are starting our year off very busy.  I am working on reports and all of the necessary paperwork that is required with any non-profit.  I am very slow, so if you are waiting on receipts, etc., bear with me - they will get there.  ;o)

We are starting a new feature on our blog - What's On Our Needles....this can be knitting needles, crochet hooks, sewing or embroidery machine needles - what ever needles seem to be flying at the moment.  As I mentioned in my last post, we have a very special Preemie Project this month and in the coming year.  It has long been our goal to assist families experiencing the trauma of a preemie and life in the NICU.  Last year we learned of Baby Emma - a sweet little girl suffering from Spina Bifida and we have offered up prayers for her over the past months.  Her story is here and it is so wonderful - filled with tears and laughter, videos and wonderful pictures.  I have been spell bound by her since the first day I heard about her story and we are getting ready to send her a sweet little soft binkie.  She has stabilized somewhat and is just so beautiful.  I will post a pic when we get ready to ship it.  So that one is on my sewing machine.

Next up on the needles are hats and preemie wraps for a new little preemie - Baby Ethan born just shy of 28 weeks and doing well.  Nonetheless, his family is going through all of the traumas that NICU life brings to a family and this is something we never plan for.  We plan to support them with gifts for the family over the first weeks and months of Ethan's life until he is home safe and sound.  He has a big sister Emma, an angelic little cherub that will steal your heart with one little smile.  We  have a dolly just like baby brother going out to her this week along with a little princess for her to hang in her room, a special preemie size binky for Ethan (made quickly by Andrea when I sent out the emergency call) as well as some preemie outfits he will be able to wear later.  We also are crocheting some little diaper shirts that are easy off and on for when he can wear clothing in the NICU.  Nancy is whipping up a knit kimono - she knows much about preemies as a NICU nurse.  Anita is fast at work on quilts for both Emma and Ethan.  We are praying and sending good thoughts for the day that he becomes a NICU GRAD!!  Please remember this little family in your thoughts and prayers.  Grandma Margaret is keeping us abreast of things and will be handling the delivery of our packages to the family - thanks so much to her and special blessing for her as a Grandmother to a preemie. 

On the knitting front we are working on booties for the bootie blitz at God's Tiny Angels.  As always, Danette is hard at work and hitting the ground running with her organization.  We have learned so much from her and are so grateful for her allowing us to join in.  She is just so amazing with over 10,000 items donated in 2010 - we are so very proud to have been a small part with 50 items donated as well as funds for her shipping costs.

I know I have not updated on the embroidery front in quite a while and I am ashamed to say that other than reading about the machine, I have not made much progress.  Hubby and I have decided to take down the bed in my craft room this week as no one uses it - when the boys or anyone else stays over, they don't want to bunk in there with the dolls and other girly stuff.  ;o)  So.......that means that I might be able to finally get organized!  I gave myself a gift of an organizational book I am reading on my PC - let's hope and pray it works miracles because I have to get organized!!!

There is so much more going on and too much to tell but just know that we are very busy and we need all of the hands we can get.  If you want to join us, please email us at  or check out our web site at  We are so very fortunate to have a small group of very talented, caring women but we can do so much more with more hands, prayers and materials, as well as postage.

Happy New Year from the Binky Patrol South Carolina!!!

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