Thursday, February 24, 2011

Binkies In - Binkies Out....

We have been really busy getting binkies out the door this month!  This is the very best part of what we do - hands down, without a doubt.  Above are some of the beautiful binkies that we sent out this month and more.  Aren't they just gorgeous!!

We were very excited to meet Deanna Carnell with DSS/Foster Care.  She came by and picked up the items we donated and she was such a pleasure.  We are so happy to be working with them and concentrating on providing items for teens.  We can use all sorts of quilts and blankets for this project as well as small notebooks that we cover for journals.

We also received the schedule from Creative Sewing Machine Center for their upcoming anniversary celebration in March.  We will have a table set up there for the week of March 5th-12th and we will be there on the 8th (Tuesday, March 8, 2011) to discuss the BPSC and meet and greet.  We so appreciate being included in this event and the support we receive from the Creative Sewing Machine Center.  They have scheduled a Make It - Donate It on Monday and the items they create will be donated to the Binky Patrol SC.  Peggy has also offered to provide the prize for our Mystery Quilt Contest which will end on 3/11, coinciding with their anniversary week.  The winner will receive a $25. gift certificate for the Center.  Thank you so much to Peggy, Jennifer and the staff at Creative Sewing Machine Center - we look forward to working with them on future projects.  We hope to see you at the Center during the anniversary celebration!  You will love it there!!

We are finishing up our box of goodies for God's Tiny Angels and hope to get it mailed out this week.  We have sweaters, booties, hats and preemie quilts to send their way.  We also packed up three quilts for the Dickerson Center this week and Deeann will be coming by to pick them up as well.  Finally, we are mailing out a quilt for a child in Canada who had surgery complications and we sent another package to our preemie project family including a preemie quilt for the baby and a larger one for the big sister.

So, as you can see, we are moving the binkies out about as quickly as they come in.  We are busy over here at the Binky Patrol SC - join us - there is lots to do and you don't need to know how to sew to help out.  Email us at or visit our web site at


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