Thursday, February 3, 2011

Learn from the Young........

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting a wonderful young lady last weekend along with her equally super Mom!  They came all the way across town to deliver two handmade blankets they made.  I can't express my excitement when I saw their creations and realized the honest love that went into these two blankets.  The daughter - Taylor Rae - is only 15 years old.  An age when many young girls are very self absorbed and only thinking of texting and clothes and such, she took the time to make the most beautiful baby blanket.  She didn't choose the simplest of patterns - she picked one that is more complex and turned out such a sweet, soft beautiful blanket that any little one would love!  This was a community service project for school and she gets an A++ in my book.  ;o)  Her Mom took on the challenge as well and made a twin size gorgeous ripple - our first bed sized binky.  This will be so welcomed by the ladies at SisterCare and we are so proud to send it.  In a time when it is so easy to just write a check, these two ladies put in the effort and not just a simple effort but a time consuming full fledged commitment to make these wonderful blankets filled with love.  I cannot thank them enough.  What is more exciting, Kim, the Mom, tells me that they will be making more and that Taylor Rae, a very busy high school student, has caught the bug and has all sorts of plans to make her own creations.  Pictures of their donations are below.

Taylor Rae's Blanket
Kim's Blanket
If you know of a young person who might be interested in doing the same, please contact us.  We can even help with supplies and we can provide receipts and any other information needed for class credits.  This is such a wonderful way to teach our kids from an early ago on, that giving is so rewarding and should be an integral part of all our lives.  From those whom much is given, much is doesn't take much to give love and caring to others and there are a multitude of ways to do so.  Join in - you will be so glad you did.  A joke my boys used to tell goes - "Where do you find a helping hand ---- at the end of your arm"  Be the difference you want to see.  Email us at and find out how easy it is to help.

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  1. Ladies, those are absolutely beautiful afghans. Taylor Rae, how did you sit still that long?! Kudos to you.