Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Quilts....Pillows.....Cases...Ah Quillows...

I have always heard about Quillows - you know the blankets that stuff into themselves and become a pillow.  Well --- duh - it finally dawned on me that these would be so perfect for the kids in shelters that we send blankets to.  A Binky Quillow!  How great would that be to have a soft pillow and quilt all in one - and easy to carry and keep up with.  When it's not a pillow, its a blanket and when not a blanket its a pillow.  Who ever thought up this one was a genius! 

I have heard they are relatively simple to do as well.  If you like to quilt, they could be made in patchwork, but if that isn't your thing, they can be made in simple solid pieces of fabric.  I am in search of a very clear pattern and if you know one, please do let us know.  We would like to include this project in our next Bink-A-Thon.  They would also be wonderful for babies as well and could be included in the upcoming National Baby Shower project.  Watch for more details on both of these events as they get closer.  We will be posting our calendar later this week.  Also, don't forget to let us know if you are aware of any individuals needs for the Binky Patrol.

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