Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Finally.......We are Getting Ready for Spring......

As always, it seems that Spring is a long time coming.  We are very fortunate to live in a somewhat tropical climate - South Carolina.  However - we have had a somewhat eventful winter this year.  Not much by some standards and we surely can't complain.  But......we are very excited to be planning for the coming of Spring this year!!!

Something new we are doing is adding all of our photos to a flickr group.  The link is below.  This will allow us to have all of our pictures of donations in one place and easily visible.  We have placed a flickr box on the left hand side of the blog as well and you can see the pictures pop up there too.  Be sure to check them out.  This is not to ring our own bell, but to encourage others and show them what a little imagination and effort can become.  It also is a way to thank our volunteers and group - to show them they are greatly appreciated!  Let us know what you think.  I am still adding photos but hope to be caught up this week.  As I have time, I will add names to the creations.

We also have a new project in the works - we will be working to get scraps donated so that we can complete a scrap quilt.  Our quilter extraordinaire will be creating the final project.  We will be posting more information on this challenge and what it could mean for you.  We hope this will also allow us to show how much just a small piece of fabric can do and what it can mean to a child in need.  Watch for details to come......

As I mentioned, we are very fortunate that our climate in South and North Carolina is not as extreme as some states, but we still have many children who go to bed at night cold, alone and afraid; children who are abused and away from the only family they know; preemies born every day to parents who are unable or unwilling to care for them; babies born who are drug addicted or who carry the virus that causes AIDS; babies with birth defects that are catastrophic to a family and many children who are affected by cancer and other childhood diseases and the forgotten ones - teens in foster care - many don't want to think about them or their needs.  While our climate is comparatively mild, our children are no less in need.  Please don't believe that because warmer months are ahead, there is nothing to do.  Children as well as adults need to know they are loved and cared for every day and sometimes it is a matter of survival.  No one thrives with out love and care.

Please check out our needs list - it does not take much to make a difference and we provide tax deductible receipts for anything donated.  We are in desperate need of postage - many of our items have to be mailed out to groups that are not close enough for delivery or pick up.  As mentioned above, scraps are always appreciated - yarn is always needed for our crocheters and knitters; batting, thread and more.  We are always appreciative of anything you would like to donate - we will find a use for it.  Email us at or visit our web site at  We need you!  We have a spectacular group of ladies working for the BPSC, but they cannot do it all - the needs are just too large.

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