Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cookin With Gas.....

Or should I say Embroidering with my machine - finally.  I am so excited to have this added capability to embellish the binkies and make them even more special.  The possibilities are just endless and my mind is buzzing with ideas!  Now....I have to stop playing and get down to business - Binkies for Boys Business!

We received so many wonderful blankets this week and we are getting them ready to deliver to DSS/Foster Care on 4/1.  There are all types, sizes and shapes - so exciting!  I am working on pictures to post and believe me you will be inspired by these creations!!  Thank you so much Susan, Andrea, Anita, Nancy, and Diana for participating in this drive.  We still need more so don't stop now.  We always need boy blankets because we just don't receive as many suitable for them as we do for the girlies.

We also have a new group we will be providing items to - The Boys Home of the South.  Take a look at this wonderful facility - they are doing such wonderful things here.  The sweet thing is that their administrator, Lori Griswold - tells us they like to receive girl blankets as well, to be used as gifts for their sisters.  What a wonderful gesture.  Sooooo keep sending in those binkies - we need and love all sizes, types, shapes - they will be used and loved!

Please let us know if you have ideas, suggestions, or just want to join our little group - believe me you learn more and gain so much more than you give.  Email us at or visit our web site at

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