Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Two Anniversary Celebrations.............

What a wonderful and exciting week!  The Binky Patrol SC has reached the one year milestone and we are so excited to celebrate.  Our sponsor, Creative Sewing Machine Center is also celebrating an anniversary - 10 years in business in West Columbia, SC.  As I have stated before, this is the go-to place for anyone who sews or would like to learn.  I just can't say enough about how exciting, creative and just plain good fun a visit to this store is!  The ladies who work there truly enjoy their work and they show it.  They take the time to provide something that you don't find in retail much any longer - true friendly personable customer service and guidance.  Believe me - I have tested it time and again - I am one of those customers who loves to look, asks lots of questions and wanders around touching and feeling everything.  I hang out way too long and walk the isles until my legs can't drag me along any longer and I never encounter sighs or those glances that say "just buy something already" - not even a little bit!  They are genuinely excited about what they do and it shows.

We spent the day today, Andrea and I, in this wonderland of fabric and patterns, dream machines and more ideas than you could cram into a week much less one visit.  I always leave this shop with a sense of awe and excitement about what is possible.....what I might be able to do.  I can touch and feel all of the things I spend hours looking at online and the atmosphere is contagious.  Peggy and the staff had a sweet basket of goodies for us, made in the hoop in their "Make it and Donate" class - they are the most wonderful little soft textural lovies for the babies in all shapes, colors and sizes.  We can't wait to send these off to God's Tiny Angels.

We also received two beautiful handmade quilts that are perfect for the Dickerson Center from our newest member Kristen when she stopped by for a visit.  Check her out at Etsy - she is a very talented quilter!  We are so excited to have her join us!!

It was a very exciting day and we made lots of new friends and we are fast spreading the word about the mission of the Binky Patrol South Carolina!  We are so hopeful - and so thankful to the Creative Sewing Machine Center for providing this opportunity!!  Pictures to come!!

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