Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Got Fabric........................

Spring is here and what a wonderful week - oh my the colors, textures and the dreams of what can be.  We received a large donation from one of our good friends at the Creative Sewing Machine Center , Sonya.  It was incredible and we are still going through the pieces!   Also included were beautiful bibs, sweet little baby pants and a wonderful little spring overall set with a bunny applique - all handmade.  I know these items will be so appreciated by Foster Care and God's Tiny Angels.  We will get new pictures loaded up to Flicker as soon as we can.

We have so many projects in the works and there is something for every type of crafter and every interest!  We have uploaded our calendar for 2011 which gives you a list of the events we are committed to for this year.  Check it out at  . don't have to be a crafter to help - there are many things to be done and there is something for anyone interested in helping!

One of the Binky Patrol chapters has a connection that will fly a supply of blankets into Japan and deliver them.  We will be shipping some to this chapter by mid May.  Let us know if you would like to send one.  Any type, any size will be fine.  They can be sent to us and we will ship to the chapter in one bundle.

If you haven't been to our web site lately, be sure to visit often.  We have added more information and listed more free patters under the pattern link.  Check back often to see what is new at  We also have more pictures loaded at Flickr at  As always - let us know if you have questions, need more information or just want to join in.

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